Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sitali Breath

Well, as it says in my profile I am a Yoga Teacher; a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

In my class on Friday we did Sitali Breath, which I have to say is absolutely fab.

Read more about it at by clicking here

It has such a cooling effect on the body, it is fabulous. One of those things you can really experience, without having to merely "believe", i.e. Aquarian, over Piscean :-)

Try it for yourself. The above link advises doing 52 breaths a day.

By the way, the above image also comes from which I am not in any way linked to, but it came up when I googled Sitali Breath.

Swimming and weight loss?

Just been researching a bit and found the following:
"Research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that in the absence of a controlled diet, swimming has little or no effect on weight loss".
Click here to read the full online article.

So cardio here I come, but..... when.... Well, it'll be a while yet, as I fell on Thursday and sustained quite a bad knee injury so I will stick with swimming a little longer.

On the above article make sure you read the bit about eccentric and concentric muscle movements, which is more proof that weight training can be better at promoting weight loss.

If you read the above you will see that it is proposed that: "swimming has only a minor impact on your metabolic rate after exercise". For this reason it is also argued: "Just make sure to guard against the urge to eat more after you get out of the pool". Oooops, and the first thing I do, is go to the Virgin Active cafe. I will have to cut back a little on that then.

Another quote from the online article:
"Many people feel extremely hungry after training in the pool, and may simply replace all the calories they've burned with a large post-exercise meal". Oooops that's been me!

So the reason the article seems to advocate weight training is because:
"One of the reasons a properly designed weight-training program is so effective at burning fat is that just one workout can give your metabolic rate a real boost. In some cases, this rise can last for well over a day".

All these words of wisdom come from the author of which is Christian Finn.
Next week, I am really going to have to make an effort with my diet.

Broke all records!

Still can't believe it but I ended up swimming 5 days in a row: Monday to Friday, at Virgin Active. Monday after work on my own. Tuesday after work with Cat, but she was in cardio bit while I swam. Wednesday,after work, with Cat. Thursday after work on my own and Friday from 12.15 to 1.15 in my lunch break with Cat. Really good week. Swimming is fab and the jacuzzi is even better. The sauna and steam rooms are doing my skin so much good.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Apple AND pear shaped - now that's a problem!

I have discovered that I am both apple and pear shaped! Hee hee :-) Fruity eh?!?!?!?

So I googled the concept and came across this image here.

The image is from a New York Times article, which surprisingly is dated TODAY, which surprises me, as things that are ranked top on Google are normally older (i.e. had chance to build up "hits" to get ranked top).

Anyway, below is a quote from the article or click here to read the whole thing.

Quote from article: "Weight gain in the area around the waist (apple type) is more dangerous than weight gained around the hips and flank area (pear type). Fat cells in the upper body have different qualities than those found in hips and thighs".

So that worries me, as in the last year I have gained weight on tummy, waist, upper arms etc...

The other thing is, that I recently read in a magazine, that it is dangerous for a woman if her waist is above a certain measurement, so just now I did two things:

1) Googled to find out what the waist measurement is: Read here to find out.

So as I kinda knew (just needed it confirmed cos I am a "dork" like that) it is dangerous for a woman to have a waist size above 32 inches.

2) I then measured MYSELF and my waist is 39 inches! Shock, horror! And me a yoga teacher too!!! So do I cry or die? Do I lose weight or lose sleep? Do I now finally get the courage to give up latte once and for all? I had a latte and a cappuccino today! Do I finally start doing what I used to be famous for...? My green detoxes... Haven't done one since 2006!!!!! Do I finally start doing cardio stuff in gym instead of just swimming (I say "just swimming" even though it has been life changing in dealing with my stress levels).

At the moment I am LOVING the concept of the "Ministry of Food". Jamie Oliver, what a super super STAR!

I caught the end of his documentary last night (maybe about 20 minutes) and being the soppy sodd that I am, I had tears in my eyes, because he is really taking on the world and changing people's lives in the process. I feel Kundalini Yoga changes people's lives, so love all of that life changing positive energy stuff. And as if the concept of the food stuff aint enough he adds the concept of "pass it on" which is really the icing on the cake. He calls it a food revolution and I simply love revolutions... hee hee.

Back to the New York Times article, I am sad about the effect my overweight condition could have on pregnancy. Another reason to keep postponing it for now:

Another quote from 22nd October New York Times article:
"Effect on Pregnancy. Obesity has many dangerous effects on pregnancy. These include high blood pressure, gestational diabetes (diabetes, usually temporary, that occurs during pregnancy), urinary tract infections, blood clots, prolonged labor, and higher fetal death rate in late stages of pregnancy. Obesity is also associated with increased rates of cesarean delivery. Infants of women who are obese are also at higher risk for neural tube birth defects, which affect the brain or spine. Folic acid supplements, ordinarily effective in preventing these conditions, may not be as protective in overweight women. Some evidence suggests an association between obesity and stillbirths, as well".

I think in summary, I will now aggressively start to plan to lose weight and maybe plot my progress here online as an incentive to actually stick to it.

I am size 16 now, I wonder if it is realistic to be size 12 by Xmas. That would certainly be a goal worth aiming for!

I could also blow the dust off my Fitbug, as I used to love wearing it and seeing how many steps I did each day (haven't worn it in months).

Bye for now... (I am now busy reading the pass it on ministry of food website and it is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Liska Life over and out. xx

3 days in a row

Can't believe it.

Here I am in Virgin Active for 3rd day in a row - yyyyeeeeaaaah.

Certainly getting value for money BUT I did my usual - swim, jacuzzi, steam and sauna.

WHEN OH WHEN am I going to get the nerve to do a cardio class. Well Bettina wants to come one day next week with a view to joining, so maybe I do a class with her......? Watch this space.

That is when the inch loss will really begin, although Zoe C already reckons I have lost my belly. She has said it 3 times and although it is a compliment I keep saying Zoe, WHAT belly. That belly may have been there in body but I never acknowledged it or saw it.......... :-)

Like a nightmare. There in your sleep and soon forgotten upon awakening! Hee hee.

Yes, in last 2 weeks I have certainly experienced an awakening of sorts - thank God, and about time toooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

2 out of 3 aint bad and within 24 hours too!

So...... I made 3 resolutions yesterday
1) I said yesterday, that it was my last latte!!!!!! It was!!!
I resisted this morning on my way to work and I resisted all day.
I did use the kettle at work to make a couple of cups of tea and coffee though, but number one they are free (credit crunch and all that) and number two, they don't contain the hideous amount of milk that a latte does.

2) I got the early train this morning, and went to Tesco before work and bought ALL the ingredients mentioned in yesterday's soup recipe! It did cost £17 but that was because I bought 2 x Nutella choc spread for £2 (I owed Candice one, and I ended up being naughty with the other, but we can't be good 100% of the time!), 2 x Gales Honey for £2.80 and a sour dough loaf for £1.99. Couldn't face soup without bread. I will change to something sensible like ryvita, but one step at a time PLEASE. It is my first time making Vita Mix soup at work in months and months!
So in case you haven't worked it out already, I did have the soup for LUNCH. Oh and I shared it with Paola (Vita Mix makes enough for 2 large bowls).

I can say to anyone who is reading this, who decides to make it, it is very very spicy. I didn't add too much Tabasco, but nonetheless, with the ginger and garlic, the hot taste is there, but I enjoyed it, and it was filling & nutritious and extremely low in calories. I bought enough ingredients, that I think I can make it for maybe 3 days!

3) The other promise yesterday was that I would start to do cardio work at the gym. Well I am writing this from Virgin Active, but again today I did my usual (swim, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and shower). I did want to go to the gym as I knew Catherine was, but slept in this morning so did not have time to dig out all the necessary kit, and it is so much easier to just chuck a swimsuit in the rucksack.

Anyway, with regards to the 88 kilos, I will leave it a week before I weigh myself again.

Oh one good thing though. While I am online, I obviously like to eat, so I got a salad and a smoothie from Virgin Active's cafe, and the smoothie is FAB. It is called POWER, and contains:
whey protein, muesli, honey, organic low fat milk (delicious).

Bye for now (if anyone reads this).


Monday, 20 October 2008

Pay off your mortgage early

Greed is partly responsible for the current financial state of affairs.

Not only for the reasons that are already springing up in your minds, but also due to the fact that it is not common (enough) knowledge that it is possible to pay off your mortgage early.

Just like when losing weight, when people go on a financial detox, they often need an incentive, like the incentive of saving up for something!

I am sorry, but paying your mortgage in 14 years instead of 25 is a huge incentive, and often you do not even need to overpay each month by as much as you may think.

I am about to remortgage and first on my list of considerations, was choosing a lender who ALLOWS me, penalty free, to overpay. The difference it makes to compound interest is phenomenal.

Don't just believe me, do some research. Sadly, as it is not in the financial institutions interests you will have to look quite hard. I just Googled the concept and was very disappointed to see that the highest ranked link was from 2005. See:
Read this!

Let's create a movement and all pay our mortgages earlier.

Anyway, back to my opening statement, greed! If the banks had made this more common knowledge more of our money would be with them, instead of in restaurants and bars, and maybe their foresight and lack of greed (for the compound interest) would have led to them being better off now, and maybe less reposessions...? Just a thought.........

Happy to debate it though!


Well the good news is that I am writing this from Virgin Active, after a gorgeous swim, jacuzzi, steam room AND sauna.

But the bad news is that I used the scales in the ladies changing rooms. At what I THOUGHT was my heaviest, a few years ago, I was 80 kilos, but I weighed myself tonight and I am .... drum roll...... 88 kilos.

So drastic action is needed. (I have added the image above on Wednesday 22nd October - had to because when I told my husband that I am 88 kilos, he laughed, and I said "what is so funny", to which he said "two fat ladies: 88". [This aint bingo darling]. To which I replied "well it is only ONE fat lady!". Anyway, when I "Googled" two fat ladies, this was the first image to come up - hee hee).

I am now sitting in Virgin Active's cafe having my last ever latte - I have said that so many times before. AND tomorrow serious action will commence, which will include having Vita Mix soups for lunch and no pastries on the way to work.

I look forward to reporting back to announce that I have already lost a couple of kilos (if I can find a place to hide them, hee hee hee).

Watch this space. I traditionally put on weight at Xmas, but quite frankly there is no room for that at the moment. So maybe I finally start going to Virgin Active classes, and burn some fat rather than simply floating up and down the pool.

Up until now my visits to the gym have been stress relief, but they now need to be serious fat burning sessions :-)

Okay, I just Googled Vita Mix and weight loss (have owned my Vita Mix for over a year by the way) and this fab website came up. I am making this soup tomorrow.

Can't "weight" :-)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Salsa dancing in Malta, at the Golden Sands: Radisson!

My favourite memory from June 2008's holiday to Malta: Salsa class. Yes I am the one in white :-) Dancing class at the Radisson, Golden Sands, Malta.
Sorry about the quality but was recorded on my hubby's mobile phone - fond memories.
We were on the way home from an evening out, and went to the bar, where I couldn't help myself but join in!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I told you so!

Read this. You'll see it is an article about the overspending and lack of saving in US. It was written in 2005, and shows the foundations we were laying for the current credit crisis.

There must be so so so many financial gurus out there right now saying "I told you so".

This article mentions "Find your 'latte factor'". Well I spend £2.60 a day and that is just the morning one (I sometimes get a p.m. one). SO that is a minimum of £55 a month. No more!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote in a previous blog about chest lurgy and how I was giving up dairy; well sadly, I cut back but didn't give up, but starting today, I now WILL!!! I promise!!

Root Chakra

There is nothing more that I could add to the above great blog.

This is certainly the comprehensive overview of the root chakra: its attributes, and the things to look out for when yours is in excess or deficit.

Certainly food for thought.


Crow Pose, the Root Chakra and the Credit Crunch

Hi Again, our society often tells us about problems but rarely offers the solutions, and when our society does do so, they are mainly solutions that put you to sleep:
- Go to the cinema and zone out, and forget about your problems.
- Go to the pub and get drunk and forget about your problems.
- Do long days at work and zone out and forget about your problems.
- Keep up with the Jones and go on holiday and forget about your problems.
- Have kids and forget about your problems.

Even the way we speak to each other is disempowering, i.e. "you'll be okay!", or "it'll be alright". I can count on one finger the amount of people who say, NO it will NOT be alright, you NEED to do something. Thankfully, the number of people who say that to me are on the increase and particularly lately. A change is a-coming. People ARE starting to see that things need to change. The tide is changing.

So, with it in mind that I told you that in these times of financial crisis, we need to balance our root chakras, I now have the responsibility to empower you by telling you one of the ways in which you can do so.

CROW POSE. Source of the photo and some of the text below: source.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Crow Pose:

Opens and clears the root chakra bestowing great sense of security, connectivity to nature, good health, fit body, proper perspective on diet, ample wealth and clear practical, down-to-earth thinking.
Balancing the root chakra also helps remove fears.

we have the following quote:
People that do not have enough flow of energy through this chakra do not feel as though they are secure in the world, there daily life is a battle just to stay above water and they are typically on edge.

Well, how very appropriate, as at the moment we do need to feel secure in the world and do need to stay above water, so get out there and conquer via crow pose!

Bye for now...........

Financial Crisis - stay calm

I have just returned from 4 days in the West of Ireland, where I did not read a paper nor did I watch the news. So I thought I would see now what is happening in the world. In my mind, the best thing we could do for ourselves during these times, is to strengthen our root chakras. I was going to write about it here, but when I searched for an image, I came across this, and I think if you look at it for long enough, it will speak to you, and tell you how appropriate it would be now, to make sure your root chakra is intact. When all outside you becomes uncertain, go within. Picture can be found at:

When Googling financial crisis, first thing I stumble across, is with regards to unemployment.
Unemployment is at its highest level for 8 years. London has seen the biggest rise in the last quarter. People will consume less, which creates a downward spiral. We have to be strong to keep our cool during these times.

Second, is that India CEOs are taking up yoga to relieve stress and to help them withstand the financial crisis. To be honest, I think I will be more impressed when I hear that British CEOs are doing this, as we already know that Asia is enlightened :-)

I knew that 14th October was a full moon, as this day was also special for me. The day that I have been with my husband for 20 years.

But I just googled the full moon date and stumbled across a brilliant astrological website, with the following quote:
"This is a time to love yourself fiercely".

Read the whole astrological article as there are some poignant words in there, for the current times.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, as the work busy-ness starts to die down (not really, because now I just get busy with what wasn't being done while I was "busy")...
I now find I am equally busy in my evenigs (at least evenings are a thing that is starting to exist once again :-)...

So this week in summary is
Monday: Swim afer work. Ended up being a late one, as we smam for nearly an hour (at least 45 minutes), then jacuzzi, then steam room, then sauna, then shower.
Tuesday: work till 18:40 and then a mad mad dash to Oxford Street Debenhams (favourite shop) to buy a dress.
Wednesday: again a swim, followed by dinner at the Dorchester!
Thursday: Royal Bank of Scotland talk (will feedback once I have been to it) followed by a Casino Night (looking forward to it).
Friday: the mandatory teaching of my Kundalini Yoga class. The relaxing end to all my weeks.
Saturday: fly to Ireland.......!

So I have turned into one of those friends, who when asked to go out says "I can do a Thursday in 3 weeks time". Unfortunately, I have said that to 3 people, so probably I will have met all 3 by maybe January knowing me. And knowing my track record that might not even be 2009 either!

But as October is my "get a life!" month, maybe I could set myself a challenge and see all 3 of them in October. Now that would be something to be proud of.
Over and out for tonight.

Liska Life xxx

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Interesting blog and great sketch of MBTs

As I had written about high heels below, I wanted to tie the problem to the solution, i.e. the problem = painful footwear, the solution = MBT.

So with that in mind, I just Googled (in images) "MBT" and came across the above sketch. The great thing with Google images is it also shows you the SOURCE of the image, which is the blog below. The image was part of a blog that was written in 2006; a highlight and quote from the blog is below. You will see it is the same message that MBT continues to communicate today, 2 years later. That we humans are NOT designed to work or walk, on hard flat surfaces. Hence MBT commissioning a serious piece of medical research entitled flat is bad.

Anyway, the link to the blog and a quote from it is below. Sadly, this interesting blogger appears to have last blogged in February 2008, so that is a shame, but I will read some more entries and see what other words of wisdom s/he offers.
"People were not evolved for the hard, flat ground that on which we tread in our modern cemented and asphalted world, and it throws our alignment and skeletons out of whack. Hence, Massai Barefoot Technology to the rescue, which builds into the sole of shoe a mechanism to replicate walking on uneven ground, just like the Massai - who apparently have fantastic posture, and never get back problems".

My mission in October is to "get a life"

So, with that in mind, I am off to the West Coast of Ireland on 11th October, to celebrate my wedding anniversary. With all these long hours, my poor poor husband gets neglected.

So I will update this blog with some photos and some news after that, of course.

In February I went to Germany, only for a long weekend, then in June to Malta, and then in July to France, so now... Ireland. So that averages me out at roughly one break per quarter, which I think every hard working over-stressed Londoner needs.

Oh and in this vein of "getting a life" I am going to start praticing yoga again every day starting Saturday. So hopefully I will have some news on my progress about that for you too.

As I do want to lose weight online, i.e. plot my progress online, as I know it would really spur me on. So let's kick start that too, along with a long-awaited detox!

Liska Life - signing out for the second time.

Virgin Active

Well, I ended up going to Vigin Active twice in September - 3rd and 17th. At £110 a month (I am a member of a gorgeous CLASSIC CLUB) that means each visit cost me £55.

So October is NOT going to be like this - so on 2nd October, here I am already. And only prompted by my colleague saying let's go swimming after work. Those words were like SUCH music to my ears, that I said okay, I will find a way of buying a costume (I used to carry one in my bag every day in August but got out of the habit in September). So I rung Virgin Active and said "you know that area opposite reception that sells goggles, does it sell cossies?", to which they said "yeah, loads of them".

So I was all geared up and winding down my work ready for 5 p.m. (which I NEVER do, I am always at work late) and then my colleague announces she can no longer make it.

Anyhow as the cossies I have are from Marks & Spencer and more suited to Malta than the gym I decided to come anyway, and ended up spending £35 on a new sporty costume. And I loved the costume I chose, and really really enjoyed the pool. Me and my float (and my new costume of course) spent about an hour casually swimming up and down the slow lane. What a delight. Then the "icing on the cake" (my favourite phrase lately) was that I then went in the jaccuzzi, and then steam room and then sauna. Now....... I am at the Virgin Active computer writing this and am about to tuck into one of their salads, and have even bought a bar of Green & Blacks.

A different colleague today told me that I should start going to the gym again as I have a glow and a better energy around me when I do, so Candice, c'est moi, I am here and c'est bon!

Liska Life signing out. xxx

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

High Heels - High Costs - read on...

Okay - have to share. You can check my old posts and you will see I have told you all about the Shoe Diet - first blogger to do so :-)

You were all snoozing, and you know what happens then; you snooze, you lose.

Anyhow, for those who need to be told upfront about things that are affecting their health, it is splashed - yes, splashed no less - across at the last count: 6 of today's papers (I started writing this before midnight, so I mean 1st October).

One quote to whet your appetite is:

Emma Supple, consultant podiatrist for the MBT Academy, said: "While we all love our high heels, wearing them for prolonged periods is bad news for our health and our wallets."

But the headline that was catching the interest of the public and journalists alike, and mentioned on today's GMTV was: "Corns account for 12% of high heel injuries, and with treatment costing £800 a time, this costs the nation £2.9 million per annum".

And I (Liska) haven't had hard skin since I started wearing MBTs, so it saves me a fortune; only luxury is having the toes painted every now and again, which is so much more luxuious than seeing white dust everywhere as you scrub off hard (unnecessary skin) -YUK!

The press association.

SKY NEWS CARRYING THE STORY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Click here

The Telegraph carries the story.

The Independent carries the story.

Perfect Shoe Diet text from Emma:
Foot expert Emma Supple told Daily Mail: "We need to mix and match our choice of footwear to allow our bodies time to recover. Heaven forbid that we ban heels from our wardrobes but we want to balance out our heel wearing days, protect our bodies from future damage and avoid injuries."

Channel 4!

Virgin Media also!