Thursday, 4 June 2009

Day 01 - countdown to lose a stone by 17th July 2009

Well I am now on Prior Fat Girl's challenge, as recommended by Holly ALP at My Peace

Yesterday I moved desks at work, which takes me from being in the same room as the finance team, to being up a floor in the open plan office, just outside the MD's door.

So this morning on the way to work, it felt like a new day (new desk) so I went to Tesco on the way to work and bought all the ingredients for soup (I make raw soup in my Vita Mix which I permanently keep at work).  Anyway that was an achievement in itself as I have not used it in ages.  I also bought two lemons, so during the course of the morning I drunk mugs of hot water with lemon in it and it made me feel VERY good.  I also had my usual bowl of ready brek with Victor.

Anyway during the course of the morning Zoe said "cup of tea Lis?" and I said yeah.  So I had normal tea, with 2 biscuits and it gave me a cloggy groggy feeling an a fuzzy head, so I know what suits me......... (need to stay strict now).

Then at lunch I made the soup and ruined it (first time I have done that in 2 years).  Basically I put too many basil leaves in.  Too much avocado.  No ginger or garlic (forgot to buy it), no bouillon ... etc... etc... BUT I still ate 2 bowls of it (plus 2 slices of toast) and it did keep me full for hours.

After work, me and Magdalena went for 1 pint (and as I haven't drunk in weeks it went straight to my head).  The place we went to does really good food, so I had a thai vegetable curry and rice.  So I came home full full full and for once will have fully digested my food before bedtime.

So my achievements today were:
* drinking lots of water
* drinking mugs of lemon water
* having soup for lunch
* acknowledging that the biscuits made me feel like poo
* and just a general feeling that I have indeed started something.  The mental hurdles are as much a part of it with me!

I am going to try and have an early night tonight to follow My Peace's example..... so will sign  this off shortly.

Bye, Liska