Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Love is

I googled "Love is..." in Google Images and this was what I found.
Quite ironic as my intention was to say in 2009, Love is:

Honouring oneself and taking care of oneself to assure a more positive self image and weight loss.

Ironically, the image that came up is about taking an account of things, which is what I will be doing, with regards to monitoring exercise and food intake.

It is also a good one considering the current financial crisis and reduced credit, which means it is also a good idea to take account of expenditure.

Anyway, however you interpret it, it is cute. Let it speak to you in whatever way it must.

Last blog for 2008.

Liska Life over and out. x

Santa in the year 2004 - Xmas

This photo shows that there is another way - I just need to get back to where I was.

This was me - Santa - in Xmas 2004.

Get back to that in 2009 and I'll be sorted.

Let the vitality and detox commence.

Bye for now, Liska Life

Fat Santa and 2008

Well, to show I am serious, about the aforementioned blog and the New Year resolution for 2009, I attach a photo of me - the fat santa.

This is what I plan to leave behind in 2008.

So it is appropriate that I post the photo when there are only 2.5 hrs left of 2008.

This photo was taken on 25th December 2008.

Let the weight loss, vitality and detox of 2009 commence.

To anyone else out there in the same laden down boat as me, see you in 2009, as we become more slender, toned, fit and healthy. As the clock strokes midnight let's toast the new us, while we honour and forgive the current us. After all, all that food eaten was delicious and those lazy days, with no exercise, were ever so restful...

Here's to 2009 and all the exciting things it has in store for all of us.

Ignore what the news and the papers say :-)

Liska Life 2008

Over and Out.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Year Resolutions 2009


I have just been on Google and checked out New Year Resolutions which took me to Wikipedia, and below are the ones that they list as the "most popular goals".

So on my list I have no.1 firmly in place, which of course includes no.6 and no.7 and given that alcohol is FULL of calories, it obvioulsy also encompasses no.9. Due to the whole cortisol and stress, weightloss around the middle link (that I have blogged about before), then it also includes no.11 (less stress). I am sure my Mum would appreciate it if I also gave some attention to no.14 - hee hee.

Wikipedia's top 14 "most popular goals" below:
  1. Lose weight
  2. Gain weight
  3. Pay off debt
  4. Save money
  5. Get a better job
  6. Get fit
  7. Eat right
  8. Get a better education
  9. Drink less alcohol
  10. Quit smoking
  11. Reduce stress
  12. Take a trip
  13. Volunteer to help others
  14. Be less grumpy
Just did a bit more "googling" and found out that the microwave was invented when someone walked passed a radar and their bar of chocolate melted - there's a reason not to have take-a-ways any more. I was once told microwaves are banned in Russia but don't know if it's true.

I am tempted to plot my progress losing weight online in the New Year, but I'd have to be very brave to do that - might do though.

AAhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am inspired to do it online now. Click here and read what I just have. That's certainly given me food for thought.

It's funny, I have recently been comparing myself to a type of 80s computer game. You know the ones. You pick up things that help you later in the game. You pick up a bomb, or medicine, or weapon, or food and you build up all these things and use them when appropriate. I was thinking of this analogy with regards to weightloss and I was brainstorming about the things I would have in there.

On the bottom of the screen I would obviously have the things I own already:

  • MBTs (lots of them).
  • A Fit bug (great pedometor that connects to the computer so you can plot your progress and see how many steps you do, even by the hour).
  • A Vita Mix (best detox blender you could EVER own). It'll set you back £300 plus but it is the best money you will ever spend. Makes soup, smoothies etc... I have blogged about it once before.
  • I have a set of Saladmaster saucepans. They make amazing dinners, without the need for water or oil. You can use ONE pan for loads of veg. I fill it with brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips etc... and they steam in a vacuum using their own juices. Healthy, nutricious cooking and much quicker than the traditional methods.
  • I have a FAB pilates machine called "Ellen Croft's Supreme Pilates". Need to dust it down and use it again.
  • I have a rebounder.
  • I have all the famous January weight loss DVDs - yes I am a sucker.
  • I have a water filter machine - a very special one.
  • I have lots of Kundalini Yoga DVDs.
  • I have Virgin Active gym membership.
  • Lots of books about PH and green diets.
  • Innerlight Super Greens.
  • and the list goes on..................
On my want list that my computer character would pick up would be:
  • bottles of Evian.
  • Some self discipline!
  • a decent health food shop near my house
  • and I think that'd be it, as I am in a good position - if I can sort the self-discipline out!
Anyway, for me, New Year starts from the Winter Solstice, i.e. after 21st December. Only reason I can't adhere to that, is all the festive eating, which makes it easier to follow the crowd and start being healthy in January :-)

Wikipedia gives a brief explanation of Winter Solstice and says: "Worldwide, interpretation of the event [Winter Solstice] has varied from culture to culture, most cultures have held a recognition of rebirth".

So off I am to eat, drink and be merry, knowing that those days are numbered - soon: let the detox commence!

Liska Life,

Over and Out.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Xmas in Folkstone - 2008

This year Xmas was in Folkstone by the beach. Drove up there with Mum and hubby on Xmas morning.

Dinner was in the Metropole with Robert and family. Stayed one night in the Burlington.

Boxing day walked down to the beach, from the hotel with Mum, which was like being in a dream. To get from the hotel to the beach you have to go down quite a few steps which is fun and picturesque on the way down, but bloody good exercise on the way back up...

Then before going home, we strolled around Dover College (check out the photo of Mum outside the Headmaster's office - I thought that was quite appropriate given that Mum went to boarding school in Ireland and was always naughty while there).

We also walked around the White Cliffs of Dover. I will have to get those photos from Rob. Walking along the cliff edge was quite scary and windy but there were lots and lots of walkers there doing the same. With dogs and buggies. Mum and I had the added instability underfoot of MBTs :-)

Xmas by the beach was beautiful. Good healthy sea air, and amazing food & drink.
Thanks Rob.

Today I am having a day in PJs to relax after such a busy week. Mum watched "On Golden Pond" today and now she is watching "The Graduate".


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Alexandra is the winner

Alexandra just sang Hallelujah again after she was announced the winner and it was so full of emotion it was simply beautiful.

Well done Alexandra. You have been my favourite to win for quite a few weeks now.

Xfactor and Hallelujah

Well, I am watching the final and it is a very close call. All week my money's been on MY favourite Alexandra BUT........... I am a massive fan of the song Hallelujah and I have to say JLS's version was better. Sorry Alexandra, you did it with soul and passion, but you are one voice, and they had a blend that was beautiful and Aston sung his little heart out.

There are now ALOT of people talking online, some of whom think Hallelujah is a Jeff Buckley song, but he himself also covered it, albeit very very very well. The song is originally by Leonard Cohen. To listen to Jeff Buckley's version go to You Tube, where, if you are hearing it for the first time, you will quite frankly be blown away, especially if you have only had the XFactor treatment so far.

The following is what Wikipedia has to say:

"Hallelujah" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen originally released on his 1984 studio album Various Positions. A live recording of the song from 1988, containing additional lyrics, appears on the 1994 album, Cohen Live. While "Suzanne" is his most covered work to date, "Hallelujah" has experienced great popularity more recently and has now been recorded more than 170 times for release and has been featured in the soundtracks of numerous movies and television shows.[1]

Friday, 12 December 2008

Qype: MBT Concept Store in London

Having been in Harrods since 2005, MBT has now opened a Concept Store (concession) on the 5th floor, which now brings the full range of MBT physiological footwear to Knightsbridge. So if you often have trouble finding the anti-shoe of your choice you now know where to go. MBT experts will be on hand to serve you, and fit you in the style of your choice. Don't miss out on that Introsession which will give you all those valuable walking tips.
Check out my review of MBT Concept Store - I am SatKirtanKaur - on Qype

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Britney Fiasco at HEAVEN.............

My comments about Saturday night have been posted on Marie Claire's website. The comment I wrote on there is word for word below:

Dear All,
I was there, at Heaven and she did not perform. We were all incredibly disappointed and they acted for over an hour like she was coming on stage, so we all cramped into the main room, and stayed like that for far too long till they finally admitted that she was not coming on stage. But before that, they cleared the stage of audience members, and lots of high vis security patrolled the stage as if they were getting it ready for her... They teased us for over an hour...
Crowd control was a huge issue and it was NOT in any way safe. The crowd moved every now and again and you felt like you were going to lose your footing and get trampled. Two fights broke out and several people passed out. They had to start chucking bottles of water from the stage and eventually the Police were called.
Britney apparently refused to come on stage........
Very disappointing....... but they said she was in the building at the Island, wherever that is.......
Comment by Liska Life on December 01 21:13