Wednesday, 26 August 2009



In the absence of any decent photos (my digital is broken) I am uploading a not so good one, so you have an image of me in a Shopping Centre in Krakow :-)

I did go back to the old days, and resorted to buying a disposable camera, but have not had those developed yet, so this is from my BlackBerry :-)

Yes, photos developed, doesn't that sound quaint.

Well this photo shows how mumsy I look, still carrying my 13.5 stone around with me, but at least it is no longer 14 stone thanks to the Yoga Festival :-)

Can't write more at the moment........ so goodbye for now and hope you are all very well.

Liska x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Time Traveller's Wife


Went to see this movie with my husband last night because I read the book years ago, and LOVED it. Anyway, in the UK it came out on 14th August.

I loved the movie so so so much. It is the first time a film has done a book justice. Made me cry so many times.

I had not seen the trailer before I saw the movie. Just watched it on You Tube now and it RUINS a couple of the things that kept me on the edge of my seat so DO NOT WATCH IT.

I am going to Poland today. Then that'll be all my annual leave gone until January 2010.

Week in Portugal in January. Week in Ireland for the wedding. Week in France for Yoga Festival and now week in Poland.

The first 3 were not with hubby, so this is us on holiday, and he wanted to go to Krakow. Couldn't help that these 3 weeks are close to each other, but wedding and festival are pretty fixed dates :-) and this was the week hubby has off.

Anyway, not sure if I will blog from there so thought I would jump on even though I am meant to be packing.

Bye for now girls. Big hug,

Liska xxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

OLD..........Fit on the inside& fat on the outside


Some funny funny stories from late............. today my boss said she'd heard that from all the circuit training I was fitter, and she was perplexed as she said she couldn't tell....

So I went on to say, "well, I used to hold the railing on the flights of stairs up to the office, and now I can run up them", to which she said, "Oh, you must be fit on the inside and fat on the outside"............

I laughed and laughed and laughed as it was so funny the way she said it. I ran to tell a few people in the office, none of who could understand why I wasn't offended. But it was just SO funny I couldn't be.

While in France I asked a girl at the festival how old I look and was VERY disappointed when she said 37, so all the signs are there, that I need to change things.

Anyway, I finally have a photo from the wedding I can share, as the ones I previously shared (of the black dress) were from the DAY AFTER the wedding........... So now I share a photo from the wedding in Ireland 17th July 2009.

The shoulder bit is not part of the dress. It is a 2 tone scarf that just happened to match exactly, that I practically glued to my shoulders to cover my chubby upper arms.

It is not the most flattering of photos, but good enough to share :-)

Bye for now folks. Hope you are all well :-)

Liska Life


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Back with a tan, and half a stone slimmer

Hi All

I got back Wednesday evening but was so so sleep deprived going on the computer was the last thing on my mind. There was a train strike so I had to be up for work at 5 a.m. Thursday and Friday (and after getting up at 4 or 3.30 at the festival........).

I have finally worked out that I lost half a stone while there. My tummy is a quarter of the size it used to be. I have to be careful as in just these few days I can see it starting to resurface :-)

The theme of this year's festival was the 9th body = the subtle body, so the vibe of the festival was indeed very subtle and very gentle, so all the emotions also were very gentle.

I stayed in a small dorm, 6 girls total and they were all lovely. For the first time (this is my 4th festival) I stayed in a top bunk, so it was exercise getting in and out of that :-)

We had glorious weather. Must have been 30 degrees every day - see the photo. We only had 1 day of rain although I think there were a couple of nights when it rained.

Every morning I did the Shakti Dance workshop and every afternoon I did the all camp workshops followed by the evening Gong Workshop which is pure bliss. I think I only did the evening yoga once...

A lesson I can take from there is that while there I made a real effort with my clothes every day which made me feel really divine, radiant and feminine..... I need to do the same here, but would you believe I have not unpacked yet.................... Yesterday I slept till 2 o'clock and apart from having a manicure I vegged all day....

So I do need to get off this computer and do alot today.

But that is a point, how does your wardrobe effect your self-esteem. My wardrobe contains size 12, 14, 16 and 18, and it is cluttered, over-full and uninspiring...... yet my yoga clothes were all beautiful. I bought quite a lot of new stuff before I went (cheaply in Southall) as I knew alot of the clothes from last year would no longer fit)...

I don't often buy nice new clothes as I do not want lovely clothes in large sizes, so since January I have been telling myself "when I lose the weight, I will buy some new clothes"...... but since January I have been 13.5 stone and in recent weeks was 14 stone. THANK GOD I lost that extra half a stone in France. May it stay there. Sat nam.

So now I need to get cracking lowering the weight from what it was in Jan, when the new year's resolution was meant to have begun.

But I would like to take pride in my appearance here the way that I did at the festival.

I will head off for now. Oh and I got a lovely tan there too.

Best wishes,

Liska xxxxxxx