Tuesday, 11 August 2009

OLD..........Fit on the inside& fat on the outside


Some funny funny stories from late............. today my boss said she'd heard that from all the circuit training I was fitter, and she was perplexed as she said she couldn't tell....

So I went on to say, "well, I used to hold the railing on the flights of stairs up to the office, and now I can run up them", to which she said, "Oh, you must be fit on the inside and fat on the outside"............

I laughed and laughed and laughed as it was so funny the way she said it. I ran to tell a few people in the office, none of who could understand why I wasn't offended. But it was just SO funny I couldn't be.

While in France I asked a girl at the festival how old I look and was VERY disappointed when she said 37, so all the signs are there, that I need to change things.

Anyway, I finally have a photo from the wedding I can share, as the ones I previously shared (of the black dress) were from the DAY AFTER the wedding........... So now I share a photo from the wedding in Ireland 17th July 2009.

The shoulder bit is not part of the dress. It is a 2 tone scarf that just happened to match exactly, that I practically glued to my shoulders to cover my chubby upper arms.

It is not the most flattering of photos, but good enough to share :-)

Bye for now folks. Hope you are all well :-)

Liska Life