Sunday, 26 October 2008

Swimming and weight loss?

Just been researching a bit and found the following:
"Research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that in the absence of a controlled diet, swimming has little or no effect on weight loss".
Click here to read the full online article.

So cardio here I come, but..... when.... Well, it'll be a while yet, as I fell on Thursday and sustained quite a bad knee injury so I will stick with swimming a little longer.

On the above article make sure you read the bit about eccentric and concentric muscle movements, which is more proof that weight training can be better at promoting weight loss.

If you read the above you will see that it is proposed that: "swimming has only a minor impact on your metabolic rate after exercise". For this reason it is also argued: "Just make sure to guard against the urge to eat more after you get out of the pool". Oooops, and the first thing I do, is go to the Virgin Active cafe. I will have to cut back a little on that then.

Another quote from the online article:
"Many people feel extremely hungry after training in the pool, and may simply replace all the calories they've burned with a large post-exercise meal". Oooops that's been me!

So the reason the article seems to advocate weight training is because:
"One of the reasons a properly designed weight-training program is so effective at burning fat is that just one workout can give your metabolic rate a real boost. In some cases, this rise can last for well over a day".

All these words of wisdom come from the author of which is Christian Finn.
Next week, I am really going to have to make an effort with my diet.

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