Thursday, 2 October 2008

Interesting blog and great sketch of MBTs

As I had written about high heels below, I wanted to tie the problem to the solution, i.e. the problem = painful footwear, the solution = MBT.

So with that in mind, I just Googled (in images) "MBT" and came across the above sketch. The great thing with Google images is it also shows you the SOURCE of the image, which is the blog below. The image was part of a blog that was written in 2006; a highlight and quote from the blog is below. You will see it is the same message that MBT continues to communicate today, 2 years later. That we humans are NOT designed to work or walk, on hard flat surfaces. Hence MBT commissioning a serious piece of medical research entitled flat is bad.

Anyway, the link to the blog and a quote from it is below. Sadly, this interesting blogger appears to have last blogged in February 2008, so that is a shame, but I will read some more entries and see what other words of wisdom s/he offers.
"People were not evolved for the hard, flat ground that on which we tread in our modern cemented and asphalted world, and it throws our alignment and skeletons out of whack. Hence, Massai Barefoot Technology to the rescue, which builds into the sole of shoe a mechanism to replicate walking on uneven ground, just like the Massai - who apparently have fantastic posture, and never get back problems".

My mission in October is to "get a life"

So, with that in mind, I am off to the West Coast of Ireland on 11th October, to celebrate my wedding anniversary. With all these long hours, my poor poor husband gets neglected.

So I will update this blog with some photos and some news after that, of course.

In February I went to Germany, only for a long weekend, then in June to Malta, and then in July to France, so now... Ireland. So that averages me out at roughly one break per quarter, which I think every hard working over-stressed Londoner needs.

Oh and in this vein of "getting a life" I am going to start praticing yoga again every day starting Saturday. So hopefully I will have some news on my progress about that for you too.

As I do want to lose weight online, i.e. plot my progress online, as I know it would really spur me on. So let's kick start that too, along with a long-awaited detox!

Liska Life - signing out for the second time.

Virgin Active

Well, I ended up going to Vigin Active twice in September - 3rd and 17th. At £110 a month (I am a member of a gorgeous CLASSIC CLUB) that means each visit cost me £55.

So October is NOT going to be like this - so on 2nd October, here I am already. And only prompted by my colleague saying let's go swimming after work. Those words were like SUCH music to my ears, that I said okay, I will find a way of buying a costume (I used to carry one in my bag every day in August but got out of the habit in September). So I rung Virgin Active and said "you know that area opposite reception that sells goggles, does it sell cossies?", to which they said "yeah, loads of them".

So I was all geared up and winding down my work ready for 5 p.m. (which I NEVER do, I am always at work late) and then my colleague announces she can no longer make it.

Anyhow as the cossies I have are from Marks & Spencer and more suited to Malta than the gym I decided to come anyway, and ended up spending £35 on a new sporty costume. And I loved the costume I chose, and really really enjoyed the pool. Me and my float (and my new costume of course) spent about an hour casually swimming up and down the slow lane. What a delight. Then the "icing on the cake" (my favourite phrase lately) was that I then went in the jaccuzzi, and then steam room and then sauna. Now....... I am at the Virgin Active computer writing this and am about to tuck into one of their salads, and have even bought a bar of Green & Blacks.

A different colleague today told me that I should start going to the gym again as I have a glow and a better energy around me when I do, so Candice, c'est moi, I am here and c'est bon!

Liska Life signing out. xxx