Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Crow Pose, the Root Chakra and the Credit Crunch

Hi Again, our society often tells us about problems but rarely offers the solutions, and when our society does do so, they are mainly solutions that put you to sleep:
- Go to the cinema and zone out, and forget about your problems.
- Go to the pub and get drunk and forget about your problems.
- Do long days at work and zone out and forget about your problems.
- Keep up with the Jones and go on holiday and forget about your problems.
- Have kids and forget about your problems.

Even the way we speak to each other is disempowering, i.e. "you'll be okay!", or "it'll be alright". I can count on one finger the amount of people who say, NO it will NOT be alright, you NEED to do something. Thankfully, the number of people who say that to me are on the increase and particularly lately. A change is a-coming. People ARE starting to see that things need to change. The tide is changing.

So, with it in mind that I told you that in these times of financial crisis, we need to balance our root chakras, I now have the responsibility to empower you by telling you one of the ways in which you can do so.

CROW POSE. Source of the photo and some of the text below: source.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Crow Pose:

Opens and clears the root chakra bestowing great sense of security, connectivity to nature, good health, fit body, proper perspective on diet, ample wealth and clear practical, down-to-earth thinking.
Balancing the root chakra also helps remove fears.

we have the following quote:
People that do not have enough flow of energy through this chakra do not feel as though they are secure in the world, there daily life is a battle just to stay above water and they are typically on edge.

Well, how very appropriate, as at the moment we do need to feel secure in the world and do need to stay above water, so get out there and conquer via crow pose!

Bye for now...........

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