Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Read this article and my update

Perfect in Our Imperfections mentioned this Oprah article in her blog post yesterday and I just HAVE to share it as I can relate to it so so so much - don't ask me which Lisa I am :-)

Please have a read.......  Keep clicking through so you read all 7 pages.

Recap on my day, which I was trying to avoid with the above:

* I did have a capuccino on the way to work.  But it is strictly one a day now, and I have given up the porridge and all the cups of chai (spicy black tea) that I used to have throughout the day
* When I arrived at work (because I was so early: 7:50 a.m.) my boss gave me a salmon and cream cheese bagal, BUT
* I still ate my fruit salad but it was tiny (just mellon and mango).
* for lunch I had a pasta salad and a bag of raw carrots with humus dip.
* Hubby made dinner and it was cous cous, sauce, pasta, and egg.

OH, I forgot the SIN.  At 11 a.m. I was in a really bad mood and went and bought a hot chocolate for Victor and I.  But while I was waiting for Pret a Manger to make them, I shovelled a pain au raisin guiltily down my throat.

But I drunk more lemon juice and hot water today, and kept my water intake up, and caffeine intake down (apart from the capuccino and hot chocolate).

Yesterday and today, I have had less wheat/yeast than normal and NO MEAT......

I definitely feel like I am heading in the right direction and I went for a good swim tonight, jacuzzi, steam and sauna afterwards :-)

Bye for now, Liska x