Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Target weight and Google

Google's fitness tip of the day is:
Set a target weight for a specific occasion such as a vacation or family reunion.

Well the date I choose is 6th April and the target weight is 10.5 stone, meaning a loss of 42 pounds.
Note I haven't said a year - hee hee.

Oh go on then - let's make it 2009 :-)

Liska Life x

On the right track and ever so happy

I just wanted to pop on here and say for the last 3 days, I feel really happy and really feel like I am on the "right track".

A couple of posts ago I mentioned being inspired by Metro 15 and NyceNoelle. I continue to be so, and the ripple effects from Sunday's inspiration are still there, i.e. the housework led to Xmas decs being boxed up, beautifully, which led to hubby putting them ever so promptly in the attic.

All that made the flat look beautiful so we had a lovely dinner in a lovely flat last night.

And because I had been food shopping it was of course beautiful fresh salmon and fresh vegetables.

I have drunk about 4 litres today so far - half water - half Super Greens and had porridge with rice milk for breakfast and a huge salad for lunch.

I feel gggggggrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeat and I cannot wait to report some weight loss.

Liska Life xxxx