Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Fat around my middle!

I went to a nutrition talk tonight. It was at Aegis Training. The speaker was Graeme Marsh. I took it all onboard and will try to make some changes to my diet.

My main take home message was that since I have been stressed I have been putting weight on around the middle. The whole cortisol situation. The problems then that follow with insulin resistance, etc... The link to lots of sugar and lots of carbs! I am an open book and tick all the boxes.

Anyway, Graeme's talk was super and inspired me to do further research this evening on the laptop, and I came across this piece. Click here to read.

Tells me all I needed to know, and in a lot of detail. Now I really know exactly WHAT I need to do next, so again for the millionth time, let me say, watch this space......... :-)

Hopefully I can finally shift some pounds.

Btw, I have not been swimming in weeks. Too busy being stressed. Working too hard and producing further fat around the middle :-)

Friday, 21 November 2008

Portugal - Faro

Hee Hee
I booked last night to go to Faro on a taxes only cheap Ryan Air flight.
Part of deals they are doing now if one travels Dec 08 or Jan 09.
Going over to see old colleague and his wife and 2 gorgeous girls, for 5 days.
Will go on 17th Jan returning on 22nd Jan.

ONLY trouble is that they have a dog and I am scared of dogs, so I have to meditate on this photo that they emailed me, until I can get used to him. Then maybe have some hypnotherapy :-)

I'll be fine.........

Thursday, 20 November 2008

My husband does like the smell of strawberries

Those who read this who know me, will know exactly what I mean by the subject heading of this post. Nuff said.
But Body Shop is the best place to go. I can recommend the strawberry and the vanilla oil burning oils, and the scrub, and the body butter. All delicious.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sibs and Fi

I am doing this blog from Sib's house, where I will teach yoga to Sibs, Fi and Felipe. Right now Fi is holding Ferran who is simply GORGEOUS.

And Sibs is making lunch.

What a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Oh my God - a smart car that is not smart!

Our neighbours have just bought a RED smart car and have tonight insisted on parking it in the front garden between the bush and the wall.
I have never ever seen anything like it, in my life.
And there was a perfectly suitably spot on the road, just the other side of the wall...!
Excitement at having their first car, it needs to be close to home... but we are just talking about the difference of 4 or 5 feet. Inside wall Vs outside.
5 people guided the car in and nobody will be there when the girl who owns it is driving it out, so I can imagine a call to the Buildings Insurers when the wall gets hit... Last time that happened was 6 years ago, and we never knew what caused it that time.


I typed Liska into Google Images and this came up. I just had to have it, so copied and pasted. Forgive me whoever owns it, but the link to the website it comes from was not working so I cannot even acknowledge the source. So universe, thank you :-)


I am reading Emotionomics at the moment and it is a thought provoking book to say the least. It is like it documents alot of things that I have intuitively known. BUT backed up with examples, case studies, statistics, etc... Super!

Have a read if this subject area interests you.

Once I have read a little more, perhaps I do my first ever book review, on here :-)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Amali - the choice of MBT for the female in black trousers

This is definitely my favourite MBT at the moment. The Amali. The leather is so soft that I did not even have to break them in. I have worn them everyday since Tuesday 4th November. They are not too narrow, not too broad = just perfect.

They are a real update on the previous black leather MBT (the Shadow). I am entirely happy with them.

They are lovely with a pair of black trousers. And so perfect for zooming around London's city streets.

Not so great with jeans, but then why stop at one pair.

I am absolutely delighted to read the reviews on Zappos, and find that people out there agree with me on how good the Amali is.

Definitely my most comfortable MBT, and the leather is soooo soft... I did not even have to break them in. Wore them all day from day 01, and someone on Zappos says she wore them for 2 x 10 hour days.

Bye again. x

Busy but productive day

Well today was very busy but very very productive. Wish all days could be like that.
Left work at 20:10, so unfortunately no trip to Virgin Active, but then there's always tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Nothing else to report really.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sneak Peak - MBT spring summer 2009

“MBT: The anti-shoe” presenta al Micam la nuova collezione Spring - Summer 2009!
So, click on the above and get a sneak peak on the new Spring Summer styles, for MBT's anti-shoe.

This is the year when MBTs will fly off the shelves, so when you see a style you like, grab it while it is available. Remember, they now do 2 ranges a year, so they don't sit there for long. Increasingly we are seeing styles that your discerning man will love, and more and more that can be worn with a skirt.

There is a difference in look and feel too, but you can click on the above link and work that one out for yourselves

Busy Week

This will be a busy week coming up, with the opportunity to get alot achieved.

It commences with some downtime, i.e. I am off to Champneys now... :-)

But just to one of their day spas for a few bits of pampering :-)

I slept through most of the X Factor last night, but back "on form" now.

This week will see me at Virgin Active every day. I am serious about getting weight down pre-Xmas.

Bye for now..... don't really have anything left to say. Keep reflecting though on Friday's yoga class. We did the Kriya to "prepare for deep meditation" and we then did the Gobide Mukande celestial communication meditation, which we did in a circle and everyone loved it. Came out of the class on a high, but very very mellow.

Byeeeeeeeee (again) Liska Life xx

Friday, 7 November 2008

Barack Obama

So, there was a big break in my blog entries as I had a few days in Switzerland. Also meant a break in swimming at Virgin Active. But here I am, but on the case with the blog.

Well... the world changed while I was away. History was made. Barack Obama swept to victory as the nation's first black president Tuesday night in an electoral college landslide that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself. Change has most certainly come. And... about time too I say.
Yoga tonight was amazing. Great vibe. Beautiful class.

Byeee for now.

Liska Life

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Yoga Show 2008

Just loved the Yoga Show on Saturday (1st November 2008). Can't write much now as it is very very late and I should be in bed, but just have to blog as it's been tooooo long.

Anyway, favourite thing at the Yoga Show on Saturday was the Nia workshop - it is a type of dance/yoga/tai chi. So liberating - I will definitely be signing up to a class - will write more about it another time.

Loved Carolyn Cowan's 5 p.m. workshop, and Sat Kartar Kaur's "Self Love" workshop in the morning.

Oh and also loved Yogi Dr. Malik's pranayama workshop.

Wonderful day really and there was a really nice vibe this year.

Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz