Sunday, 25 January 2009

Time to get real

On 14th Jan 2009 I proudly updated my ticker to show a 3 pound weight loss.

On getting back from Portugal I soon discovered that I was back to 13.5 stone.

Well I just weighed myself again and still 13.5 stone. So the scales don't lie, but for the last few days my ticker has been so I sadly just updated it to reflect the fact that I once again have 42 pounds to lose and am once again up at 189 pounds.

I didn't take Super Greens with me to Portugal and have not drunk them since I returned, so I am now off to the cupboard to dig them out and drink a gallon :-) as the days I lost that weight, I WAS drinking my greens. When something is working, you don't stop doing it, unless you are as stupid as me.

So target for 2009 was to lose weight, and here I am 25th Jan, at the same weight I was at Xmas.

I need a big fat kick up the bum.

Bye for now,
Liska Life :-(