Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Keep high heels for special occassions!

Age Concern loves MBTs toooooo.
Click on Age Concern above, to read more and hear how:
1 in 10 ladies in the US are wearing them!

Pink pink and more pink

As much as I know I need to write about something other than MBT on this page, I am still in a pink mood. I suppose it is better than being in the red (current credit crunch) or being yellow (fever) or green (envy) or blue (movie) or red (anger).......

But today, when I thought about a pink image to post, the first thing that sprung (forgive the pun) to mind, was M walk pink.......... oh dear............

I am addicted to my MBTs. I love my MBTs.

Pink flowers

Don't know what has happened
to me but this blog is becoming
very very pink and I like it.
A flower a day will keep the
Doctor away................... :-)


You know the phrase "seek your own counsel". I am going to have to....
I work in HR and my boss just called me a muppet....
I will write a grievance to myself and then sit myself down for a grievance hearing
and see how far I get

Health health health

This post comes from the foyer of Virgin Active - thank God.... .phew... what a day.

Just worked out I haven't been to the gym since 3rd September - that must improve forthwith! 

It is so nice to unwind in the steamroom and sauna after work - oh joy.  Can't recommend it highly enough.

Nothing to report other than the above, so now homeward bound.......

Yours sincerely, Liska Life :-)