Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Monday 5th Jan 2009

The Daily Declaration.
Exercise today:
Only walking to and from station to go to work I am afraid.

Meditation: None :-(

Meals today:
Got frozen on the way to work (a 40 minute journey took 2 hours - long story).

So, the minute I got to work I had to buy porridge as a breakfast to warm me from the inside out (so that put non-dairy out the window). All I had at home before I left was a half glass of cold water and lemon juice and a half mug of hot water and fresh lemon juice. That did revive me though.

Then lunch was a goat's cheese salad, with drink as carrot and apple juice.

Home for dinner was the problem. Hadn't been food shopping and prep is everything!
So I had to go to a kebab shop and buy salad in pitta bread!
Was delicious but did not fill me up.

So here are my honest sins:
I had 2 brioche rolls - they were winking at me, and left over from Xmas (Mum doesn't like them anymore).
I had 2 bags of these special wholewheat baked crisps (healthy but not really detox food).
That was it I think, but that felt naughty enough!

Weight today:
N/A as did not get near a scales.

Gratitude journal:
Thankful for the train friends who kept me company at the station while we waited IN THE SNOW on a cold platform for 1 hour 10 minutes waiting for a train.

Fit Bug steps (in MBTs):
Haven't charged the FitBug yet - sorry.

Learning point:
That it doesn't all happen 100% straight away as hard as you try.

Confirmation of nil consumption of latte or cappuccino:
YES! Top of the class :-) During the day at work I had 2 peppermint teas, and a green tea. Then at home that evening I had a further green tea.