Saturday, 30 May 2009

Diversity - winners of Britain's Got Talent 2009 - worthy winners!!!

I am so happy.  There is justice in the world.  The winner of Britain's Got Talent 2009 is Diversity and what worthy winners they are.

If you don't live in Britain you have to watch them on You Tube.  Watch (1) their audition (2) their semi-final performance and (3) their final performance of tonight which stole the show.

I have wanted them to win and I am so so so so happy right now.

Well done guys - you so so so so so deserve it - I wish you future success.

Liska xx

I feel cleansed and decluttered

I want to focus on the blog posts that I do regularly read and benefit from, so I have had a bit of a "blogs I am following" cleanse and feel detoxed :-)

I really felt like the list of blogs I had to read was endless, so I have done a bit of weeding, to suit my personal taste.

Anyway, I guess it just replicates my day.  I had friends coming around at 2 (they arrived at 3.30 due to train problems)... anyway, in readiness for them coming, I got up at 7.30 to do housework and have a declutter.  It made me feel cleansed.  Then I made the 3 of us a delicious lunch (HEALTHY don't worry) but I did then make a chocolate cake.

Anyway, it is the first day of full on Summer weather here in the UK; it was simply a gorgeous day - warm, with a clear blue sky.

So I guess I have now decluttered my blog as well as the flat, and I feel all the better for it.

So for the bloggers who remain with me, I will be able to dedicate my focus to you, without being side-tracked.  Thank you for keeping me company in blog world, and helping to justify my recent purchase of  a laptop :-)

Bye for now (watching the final of Britain's Got Talent)
Liska xxx

Friday, 29 May 2009

Modern versus history

This photo was taken by me on 17th February 2008 when I was in Newcastle.

It struck me that we have modern on the ground floor, and history above.

Look at how far we have come, or rather how backward we have become.

From the beautiful stained glass windows, you can see what the store used to be, and clearly in not removing that piece of history, someone else clearly likes it as much as I do.  Click on the image and make it full size and you will be able to see what the store used to sell.

But we seem to have turned into a plastic fantastic world.  We rave about recycling when all of our pop is in plastic bottles.  When I was little I didn't even know what recycling was, but all my pop was in glass bottles, which I could get money for returning.  My toaster was fixed rather than replaced, and my shoes were repaired rather than binned.

Anyway, look at my photo and see if it speaks to you, the way it spoke to me.  I wasn't even looking at the shops, and I definitely wasn't looking up at 1st floors, but it somehow grabbed me.  Maybe there was a story there, just waiting for the story-teller and the camera!

Sorry I know this is meant to be a weight loss blog but we all need a little light relief.  I could do with being "lighter".............

Since my New Year Resolution I have gained half a stone (yes my weight loss ticker is out of date).

I am now 13 stone and 13 pounds, which the scales tells me is 88.4 kg, so I am back to 88 (which in BINGO they say is "two fat ladies" - how very appropriate!)

I have been here before........ and if you click there, you will see it was 20th October 2008! yes, 2008................ I have put the weight ON and turned the clock BACK.

I really really really have to start sorting my life out......... (so I got back onto the subject of weight loss after all........... but alas, it is pontificating about it, rather than doing something about it!)

Liska Life off to bed.......... zzzzzzz. ...........xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Saladmaster - healthy cooking and eating - LOVE IT

This is my favourite piece of kitchen equipment.   (One of my Saladmaster pans).

They cook without fat, and without water.

Very healthy way of cooking and then eating.

This photo was taken by myself on 29th April 2008.  All those veg are cooked in that one pot, with lid on.  A vaccum is created and they cook in their own steam.

I have the full set, so can do salmon in another and potato in another etc...

What is even more amazing is the veg in this pot do not effect each other's flavour AND there is no smell.  So you can cook brocolli and cabbage etc... without fear of the sweaty feet smell.

You can even make a cake in one of them.

Oh and the set includes an electric skillet.

Liska x

Big Ben at Night

I keep looking at blogs with stunning photos so I just went through mine (taken by yours truly) and saw gorgeous Malta photos but decided to share this one with all of you, given that I live in London. 

Photo taken on 13th November 2008 - the night I went to the House of Commons.

Enjoy.  Liska xxx

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Aegis Training | London Personal Trainers - Fitness News and Views: Take The Stairs, Get Leaner

Aegis Training | London Personal Trainers - Fitness News and Views: Take The Stairs, Get Leaner

When we start to find stairs difficult we think about doing exercises (well do we...? sometimes...!)
But why go to the gym to help you combat stairs, when you can tackle the stairs themselves.

Don't go round in circles, like this photo.  Turn the stairs into a piece of training equipment.  Click on the subject line of this blog post and it will take you to the fab Aegis you tube video...

Good sound practical advice from Aegis. 

Look at the video it is super, as is their blog.

Bye for now,
Liska x

Monday, 25 May 2009

New Laptop and Wii Active

Sorry I have been away for so long but I have been without a laptop so I bought one today and am on it now - very happy with it.  It is after midnight but it is Sunday (well... I haven't been to bed yet).  On Saturday, which I am classing as yesterday, I bought the new Wii Active and it is absolutely super.  Great 30 day challenge on there and some brilliant personal trainer style posture work like squats etc... Comes with a Physio Type resistance band, which really works.  Was on it for 30 minutes yesterday and it really brought me out in a full on sweat.
If you love Wii, please try it, you won't regret it.  I wanted to do the 30 day challenge as an every day thing but didn't get chance today.
Must go to bed in a minute so bye for now.
Liska x