Saturday, 13 June 2009

I have performed ALCHEMY - find out how

Today I (and my friend Banasa) have performed Alchemy.

I have turned a cappuccino a day into circuit training twice a week - yyyyyyyyyeaaaaaaaahhhhh!


Okay, so here goes.  3 or 4 of us at work have been going to circuits every Wednesday for nearly 3 months.  The chap who owns the gym (it only does private PT) now tried to sell us a package, of paying once a month by standing order (I don't think he likes the fact that the £10 we pay for circuits is only guaranteed on the weeks that we come: which for me is every week, but the other 3 tend to fluctuate)...... anyway, we would pay a monthly fee but we did not want to pay as much as what was being asked (we have gym memberships to pay for toooooo) so we made a new deal which would involve paying £80 a month for group circuit training twice a week.  It is as good as a PT session as there is only 4 of us....

Anyway, I have worked out I can afford it if I give up my morning cappuccino that I purchase every morning.  Because we are going from spending £40 a month to £80 a month and the cappuccino costs me £2 a day (only get it on work days).

Oh and what I didn't say, is because I have 3 separate weeks off spanning July and August, he will do it for £60 for those 2 months, and when it goes up to the £80, it includes us being allowed to go in and use their machinery, hence me feeling confident I can cancel my gym membership.  I will really really really miss the pool, jaccuzzi, steam room and sauna though!!

Anyway, I think it is quite poetic to turn a cappuccino into a workout, hence my use of the word ALCHEMY........!

Doing circuit training once a week doesn't seem to be making me fitter but I really believe doing it twice a week will, and my gym membership expires in July so I will cancel that and concentrate then on circuits, yoga, wii fit, wii active, and my pilates machine that I never use :-)

That's my update for now.....

I am going to try and turn the computer off and get some housework done.

Liska xx