Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Saladmaster - healthy cooking and eating - LOVE IT

This is my favourite piece of kitchen equipment.   (One of my Saladmaster pans).

They cook without fat, and without water.

Very healthy way of cooking and then eating.

This photo was taken by myself on 29th April 2008.  All those veg are cooked in that one pot, with lid on.  A vaccum is created and they cook in their own steam.

I have the full set, so can do salmon in another and potato in another etc...

What is even more amazing is the veg in this pot do not effect each other's flavour AND there is no smell.  So you can cook brocolli and cabbage etc... without fear of the sweaty feet smell.

You can even make a cake in one of them.

Oh and the set includes an electric skillet.

Liska x

Big Ben at Night

I keep looking at blogs with stunning photos so I just went through mine (taken by yours truly) and saw gorgeous Malta photos but decided to share this one with all of you, given that I live in London. 

Photo taken on 13th November 2008 - the night I went to the House of Commons.

Enjoy.  Liska xxx