Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fatter, heavier, but alive and happy :-)

Here I am.......

I am on the Apple, in my Virgin Active gym.  When I swiped in, I asked the lovely person on the desk, "when was I last here?"..... he said 6th Feb........! At £110 a month THAT IS NOT GOOD.

When I used to come here really often (before Xmas) and used to blog a lot about it, it was all only swimming, jacuzzi, steam and sauna, but tonight Josephine, I did 20 minutes on tread mill, then kettle bell, then Swiss Ball, then rowing machine, then sauna.

I am now sitting in the cafe with a LARGE salad and a Cafe Mocha.

I plan on being super healthy over the next 4 days (the 4 day Easter Break from work).... I plan on doing loads of housework, loads of Wii Fit, digging out my Pilates Machine from the spare room, etc.... I am going to try and lose 4 pounds in 4 days :-)

Most of the New Year I have been 13 and a half stone but that is now 13.75 stone which is insane, given that a couple of months back, I lost a few pounds and I thought 12 stone something was within my sights, especially given that the Wii started to call me overweight rather than obese.  Well..... that was a couple of months ago, and I have been a pig and a slob since then, hence my enduring silence (sorry guys). 

My laptop at home was a work one, and due to 2 work laptops dying (not mine) they (I.T.) had to recall all spares to circulate them to people who needed them during the day, hence another reason for my silence...

Anyway, I am back and I'm proud... (remind you of a movie??? :-))

Even though I have not been here since  6th Feb, I have been circuit training every Wednesday for the last 3 weeks at my friend's gym, and did go on an active weekend to the Peak District (20th to 22nd March).  BOY WAS THAT EXERCISE.  WE CLIMBED MOUNTAINS, and it was so so so so active.  GOSH!!! I will share some photos at some point.

I must leave in a moment to catch my train.

I won't leave it as long again... sorry guys.....

Liska xxxxxxxxxx