Thursday, 11 June 2009

Lemons, limes, salt, and how they aid weight loss

I had a very very very late night last night - work night out - so I kind of fell off the diet wagon.  I am sorry guys, but I just had to be honest with you.

The thing about me is, that losing the 1 stone I want to lose by 17th July, would be REALLY easy if I did what I know works (i.e. follow Dr. Robert O Young's PH miracle guidelines) but as you have probably gathered what holds me back, is self-discipline.

Anyway, I just flicked in one of his books that I own, and thought I would share a snippet with you:

Lemons, limes, and grapefruit are very low in sugar (3%, 3% and 5% respectively).  Although they are chemically acid, they have an alkalizing effect when metabolized in the body.  Squeeze some into your water throughout the day to help maintain your body's delicate PH balance.

Liska again: guys these are wise words.  When we are acidic all sorts of things go wrong..... one being, the body stores fat!!!!

Sorry, I just found another diamond bit that I also just have to type up:

You probably blame water retention for some of your excess weight and, in turn, blame the water retention on too much salt.  BUT your body retains water because it is dehydrated, to dilute acids.  When you are retaining water, it is a signal that your sodium is being converted into potassium in the body to balance your PH, and you actually need more water, and alkaline salts, like sea salt (e.g. celtic salt, or RealSalt, from the Great Salt Lake).  The problem is, Americans in general get way too much salt in their diets - the wrong kind of salts.  We salt just about everything we prepare, then keep salt on the table to add even more.  Just about all prepared and processed foods are extremely salty.  Table salt, and the salt added to just about all processed foods, has itself been overly processed, destroying its electrical potential.  It has no electron energy.  So while you do actually need to cut out all regular added salt from your diet, you then need good salt, electron-rich alkaline crystalline salt, like RealSalt or Celtic Salt. I (Robert O. Young) recommend at least 3 to 4 grams a day.

So that is the truth regarding salt........  Interesting eh?!?!?!?

Sorry, found one last thing I want to quote:

Foods that are themselves acidic, or have acidic effects on the body once they are digested, are better avoided if you wish to reach your ideal weight - and stay there.  Be aware of the following acidic foods:
* Animal protein (includes meat and dairy products)
* Sweeteners
* Peanuts
* Corn (contains 25 different fungi, including recognized carcinogens)
* Yeast
* Fermented and malted foods
* Alcohol
* Caffeine
* Coffee (research has shown that cancer cells can live indefinitely in coffee!)
* Soft drinks
* Chocolate 
* Mushrooms
* Monosodium Glutamate (the thing that makes chinese take-aways taste so good)

Sorry if I bored you with all of that, but it helps to inspire me to read it again and even more so, it sinks in more as I type it up.  I know avoiding that stuff works...... I avoided most of it in 2001 for Candida reasons (and due to terrible IBS) and as a result I lost 3 stone and looked FABULOUS in my wedding dress if I do say so myself :-)     Back then I hadn't heard of Robert O Young (or Super Greens), so I just knew that stuff was bad due to 2 books I read about Candida, and it was my Chinese Herbalist who diagnosed the Candida at the time.  Oh, I am going down memory lane now.... I just remembered there was a girl I worked with at the time, who asked how I did it (back in 2001).... she had been dieting on and off for years and lost nothing, so I leant her the 2 Candida books and she went from a size 20 to 14 in a few months.  It changed her life and her self-confidence.......  I did not stay in touch with her when I changed jobs, so I don't know if she is like me (i.e. a few years later put all the weight back a stone)......

I just need to sort the self-discipline and stress out and I can do it again.

Liska xxxxx