Sunday, 4 January 2009

Housework - now THAT'S exercise

Since arriving back home from the airport (my Mum flew back to Ireland today - sniff), I have done hours of housework.

Blogging has been my rest :-) Didn't realise I'd end up on the computer for 2 hours though :-( Was 8 p.m. when I got on and 10 p.m. now - how on earth did THAT happen.

Anyway, I have made up beds, ironed, hoovered etc....... and I can confirm it is bloody good exercise.

Must do all that a lot more often :-)

Last latte and Last Mince Pie

Well this is a picture of my last latte and my last mince pie - sniff.

RIP fattening, sugary, artery hardening food.

Better you RIP than I.

Let the detox commence. Count down.

Book on the way - The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

The Amazing Adventures Of Dietgirl

For anyone in the UK, who has had the same trouble I have had getting hold of it, (out of stock in and Waterstones branches)...

I have just managed to order it from:

They do have it in stock, and I have just successfully received my order confirmation.

I will write a review on here once it arrives, and once I have read it.

I already know it'll be a good read:
  1. The author even has read in her name, albeit spelled Reid
  2. The title has the word "Amazing" in it... now that has to be a good omen.
  3. You just can't hear enough good things about this book on Shauna's blog. If you want to have a read before you buy the book, there's lots of great stuff on the blog and a whole network of people, like a community, regularly commenting on there. Makes weight loss sooooooo much easier when I can feel there are other people up to the same thing.
I can't "weight" to add my photo to the gallery of readers once my book arrives and I put my feet up to read it.

Liska Life x

Santa's Army

Well, I already know that my problem will be self-discipline, when this detox commences on Monday 5th January. So it kept going round in my head, whose army will keep me on track, then tonight we were taking down "some" of the Xmas decorations, to take some of the pressure off tomorrow, and I noticed that I have 4 santas, so I put them all together posing behind our window lights to illuminate them, and now this is the army that'll keep me on track.

I will have nightmares :-) about an Amry of Santas chasing the fat Santa, so fast and so hard, that she RUNS, until she becomes that slim Santa from 2004 (see earlier posts to know what I mean)... Hee hee.

Cute image and it is not from Google like so many of the others - this one I took myself with a BlackBerry.

Bye for today, Liska Life x