Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I told you so!

Read this. You'll see it is an article about the overspending and lack of saving in US. It was written in 2005, and shows the foundations we were laying for the current credit crisis.

There must be so so so many financial gurus out there right now saying "I told you so".

This article mentions "Find your 'latte factor'". Well I spend £2.60 a day and that is just the morning one (I sometimes get a p.m. one). SO that is a minimum of £55 a month. No more!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote in a previous blog about chest lurgy and how I was giving up dairy; well sadly, I cut back but didn't give up, but starting today, I now WILL!!! I promise!!


John Smith said...

I started making mine at home. Big $$$avings.

Liska said...

Sorry, I only saw this comment today. I must look at my settings so that I get notified when I receive a comment. I will be on a detox in January 2009 so no more coffee or dairy - well done on you making it at home. Don't line the pockets of Starbucks :-)