Wednesday, 1 October 2008

High Heels - High Costs - read on...

Okay - have to share. You can check my old posts and you will see I have told you all about the Shoe Diet - first blogger to do so :-)

You were all snoozing, and you know what happens then; you snooze, you lose.

Anyhow, for those who need to be told upfront about things that are affecting their health, it is splashed - yes, splashed no less - across at the last count: 6 of today's papers (I started writing this before midnight, so I mean 1st October).

One quote to whet your appetite is:

Emma Supple, consultant podiatrist for the MBT Academy, said: "While we all love our high heels, wearing them for prolonged periods is bad news for our health and our wallets."

But the headline that was catching the interest of the public and journalists alike, and mentioned on today's GMTV was: "Corns account for 12% of high heel injuries, and with treatment costing £800 a time, this costs the nation £2.9 million per annum".

And I (Liska) haven't had hard skin since I started wearing MBTs, so it saves me a fortune; only luxury is having the toes painted every now and again, which is so much more luxuious than seeing white dust everywhere as you scrub off hard (unnecessary skin) -YUK!

The press association.

SKY NEWS CARRYING THE STORY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Telegraph carries the story.

The Independent carries the story.

Perfect Shoe Diet text from Emma:
Foot expert Emma Supple told Daily Mail: "We need to mix and match our choice of footwear to allow our bodies time to recover. Heaven forbid that we ban heels from our wardrobes but we want to balance out our heel wearing days, protect our bodies from future damage and avoid injuries."

Channel 4!

Virgin Media also!

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