Tuesday, 21 October 2008

2 out of 3 aint bad and within 24 hours too!

So...... I made 3 resolutions yesterday
1) I said yesterday, that it was my last latte!!!!!! It was!!!
I resisted this morning on my way to work and I resisted all day.
I did use the kettle at work to make a couple of cups of tea and coffee though, but number one they are free (credit crunch and all that) and number two, they don't contain the hideous amount of milk that a latte does.

2) I got the early train this morning, and went to Tesco before work and bought ALL the ingredients mentioned in yesterday's soup recipe! It did cost £17 but that was because I bought 2 x Nutella choc spread for £2 (I owed Candice one, and I ended up being naughty with the other, but we can't be good 100% of the time!), 2 x Gales Honey for £2.80 and a sour dough loaf for £1.99. Couldn't face soup without bread. I will change to something sensible like ryvita, but one step at a time PLEASE. It is my first time making Vita Mix soup at work in months and months!
So in case you haven't worked it out already, I did have the soup for LUNCH. Oh and I shared it with Paola (Vita Mix makes enough for 2 large bowls).

I can say to anyone who is reading this, who decides to make it, it is very very spicy. I didn't add too much Tabasco, but nonetheless, with the ginger and garlic, the hot taste is there, but I enjoyed it, and it was filling & nutritious and extremely low in calories. I bought enough ingredients, that I think I can make it for maybe 3 days!

3) The other promise yesterday was that I would start to do cardio work at the gym. Well I am writing this from Virgin Active, but again today I did my usual (swim, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and shower). I did want to go to the gym as I knew Catherine was, but slept in this morning so did not have time to dig out all the necessary kit, and it is so much easier to just chuck a swimsuit in the rucksack.

Anyway, with regards to the 88 kilos, I will leave it a week before I weigh myself again.

Oh one good thing though. While I am online, I obviously like to eat, so I got a salad and a smoothie from Virgin Active's cafe, and the smoothie is FAB. It is called POWER, and contains:
whey protein, muesli, honey, organic low fat milk (delicious).

Bye for now (if anyone reads this).


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