Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Apple AND pear shaped - now that's a problem!

I have discovered that I am both apple and pear shaped! Hee hee :-) Fruity eh?!?!?!?

So I googled the concept and came across this image here.

The image is from a New York Times article, which surprisingly is dated TODAY, which surprises me, as things that are ranked top on Google are normally older (i.e. had chance to build up "hits" to get ranked top).

Anyway, below is a quote from the article or click here to read the whole thing.

Quote from article: "Weight gain in the area around the waist (apple type) is more dangerous than weight gained around the hips and flank area (pear type). Fat cells in the upper body have different qualities than those found in hips and thighs".

So that worries me, as in the last year I have gained weight on tummy, waist, upper arms etc...

The other thing is, that I recently read in a magazine, that it is dangerous for a woman if her waist is above a certain measurement, so just now I did two things:

1) Googled to find out what the waist measurement is: Read here to find out.

So as I kinda knew (just needed it confirmed cos I am a "dork" like that) it is dangerous for a woman to have a waist size above 32 inches.

2) I then measured MYSELF and my waist is 39 inches! Shock, horror! And me a yoga teacher too!!! So do I cry or die? Do I lose weight or lose sleep? Do I now finally get the courage to give up latte once and for all? I had a latte and a cappuccino today! Do I finally start doing what I used to be famous for...? My green detoxes... Haven't done one since 2006!!!!! Do I finally start doing cardio stuff in gym instead of just swimming (I say "just swimming" even though it has been life changing in dealing with my stress levels).

At the moment I am LOVING the concept of the "Ministry of Food". Jamie Oliver, what a super super STAR!

I caught the end of his documentary last night (maybe about 20 minutes) and being the soppy sodd that I am, I had tears in my eyes, because he is really taking on the world and changing people's lives in the process. I feel Kundalini Yoga changes people's lives, so love all of that life changing positive energy stuff. And as if the concept of the food stuff aint enough he adds the concept of "pass it on" which is really the icing on the cake. He calls it a food revolution and I simply love revolutions... hee hee.

Back to the New York Times article, I am sad about the effect my overweight condition could have on pregnancy. Another reason to keep postponing it for now:

Another quote from 22nd October New York Times article:
"Effect on Pregnancy. Obesity has many dangerous effects on pregnancy. These include high blood pressure, gestational diabetes (diabetes, usually temporary, that occurs during pregnancy), urinary tract infections, blood clots, prolonged labor, and higher fetal death rate in late stages of pregnancy. Obesity is also associated with increased rates of cesarean delivery. Infants of women who are obese are also at higher risk for neural tube birth defects, which affect the brain or spine. Folic acid supplements, ordinarily effective in preventing these conditions, may not be as protective in overweight women. Some evidence suggests an association between obesity and stillbirths, as well".

I think in summary, I will now aggressively start to plan to lose weight and maybe plot my progress here online as an incentive to actually stick to it.

I am size 16 now, I wonder if it is realistic to be size 12 by Xmas. That would certainly be a goal worth aiming for!

I could also blow the dust off my Fitbug, as I used to love wearing it and seeing how many steps I did each day (haven't worn it in months).

Bye for now... (I am now busy reading the pass it on ministry of food website and it is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Liska Life over and out. xx

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