Sunday, 7 June 2009

EA sports active - Wii

I just reset the 30 day challenge on  the Wii Active game.  I will now count today as day 1.  I had a pretty intensive workout on it and it said I burnt 140 calories.  Seems quite small, probably because I chose medium intensity.

I think tomorrow I will try doing it in the morning.

Anyway, it's really good fun, and a great addition to the Wii Fit.

Spoke to Mum this morning and she reminded me that the wedding in Ireland is in a few weeks, and am I detoxing???? .... I get the impression she would be mortified if I went there at my current weight/size, so I have to be good now, finally..... use all the self-discipline I have.....

If she was in the same country as me today, and I said "does my bum look big in this?".... she'd be the first to say YES!  I think if she'd stayed in the UK and not moved back to Ireland (in my final year of Uni)... I probably would never have got this big in the first place.

Bye for now, Liska x

Say no to fizzy drinks

My muffin in my previous post may have been "innocent", but fizzy drinks, in particular cola, are not!  Read this interesting blog post by Dr Robert O Young.

Drop those fizzy drinks from your life, and that of your children's. 

Say no to fizzy drinks!

Good morning,
Liska x