Monday, 29 September 2008

Chest LURGY!

So, I still have the bunged up chest which was a result of two things.
(1) long hours and stress at work last week; and
(2) the fact that to keep going I had a latte in the morning and a cappuccino every afternoon.

I have learned my lesson the hard way, that too much dairy clogs up my chest & I did have a nagging voice in my head last week .... and ignored it.

SO what happens, the clogged up chest results.

SO NO MORE expensive coffees for this young lady!

I know I haven't listened to my own advice, but to anyone out there who has more sense, read up on the following: and

Get well to me, get well to me..............

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sick :-(

Hi All

Well, I don't normally get sick, as those of you who know me know. But after a hard stressful week at work, I slept all day yesterday, and have the rumblings of a chest infection today, so I am keeping myself hydrated and wrapped up warm, in an attempt to make sure that I can be at work tomorrow. So I have purchased the all important lemons and honey etc... And will certainly be having an early night.

I am delighted that X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing are back on our screens and we have a treat Saturday and Sunday as they are both on again tonight. Strictly with the Results Show and X Factor with the second half of boot camp. The standard of both shows seems much raised this year. But us old fans were even watching when that was not the case, so now it is simply icing on the cake.

Bye for now, as I go back to hide under my blanket.

Liska x

Sunday, 21 September 2008


Well, I have to let you know about something that is "coming soon".
Will be the first live online legal advice service in the world. All I can say is, you heard it here first.

Check out after November 2008 - and don't forget the hyphen.

When we need legal advice we don't want to line the pockets of legal beagles, we want to spend our money economically in a 21st century way. After all, we can do just about everything else online, why not law.

Stand up for your right to be able to access legal advice quickly and cheaply.

See you in the future :-)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

In Folkestone

Hello All,

I am now in Folkestone. Beer in one hand, chinese in the other :-)

Yes I know it doesn't meet with my wellbeing side of things, but everyone needs a Saturday night sometimes, especially after the stress of this week.

Anyway I am going to do a 40 day detox soon, along with a 40 day sadhana. Can't wait.
I am going to try and be brave and log my weight loss online, as I think doing it publicly will be the only thing that will motivate me to stick to it :-)

What else can I say; well, the weather was lovely today considering it is the 20th September, but where was that non-existent Summer of ours.

I guess, at least this year, I have been to Germany in February for my birthday, to Malta in June, to France for the Yoga Festival in July and hopefully somewhere in October for our anniversary.

Anyway, over and out, as I have been on this computer far too long.


Final thoughts of the day

Hello, I am very glad that it is the weekend - what a week!

Well I am off to Folkestone for the weekend, so looking forward to a well-deserved rest.

Only things I want to post on here today:
a mention of Meet Joe Black, as it is a great movie and just today, I said to our Bookkeeper, there is nothing as certain as "death and taxes" and it made me think fondly of the movie - must watch it again soon. Best thing ever is the song in there: "somewhere over the rainbow".........

Other thing I am loving at the moment, is Martin Lewis's advice.
Go to

His advice has helped me a few times.
To watch him speaking at the London School of Economics watch this:
Martin Lewis, Good Debt, Bad Debt

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Keep high heels for special occassions!

Age Concern loves MBTs toooooo.
Click on Age Concern above, to read more and hear how:
1 in 10 ladies in the US are wearing them!

Pink pink and more pink

As much as I know I need to write about something other than MBT on this page, I am still in a pink mood. I suppose it is better than being in the red (current credit crunch) or being yellow (fever) or green (envy) or blue (movie) or red (anger).......

But today, when I thought about a pink image to post, the first thing that sprung (forgive the pun) to mind, was M walk pink.......... oh dear............

I am addicted to my MBTs. I love my MBTs.

Pink flowers

Don't know what has happened
to me but this blog is becoming
very very pink and I like it.
A flower a day will keep the
Doctor away................... :-)


You know the phrase "seek your own counsel". I am going to have to....
I work in HR and my boss just called me a muppet....
I will write a grievance to myself and then sit myself down for a grievance hearing
and see how far I get

Health health health

This post comes from the foyer of Virgin Active - thank God.... .phew... what a day.

Just worked out I haven't been to the gym since 3rd September - that must improve forthwith! 

It is so nice to unwind in the steamroom and sauna after work - oh joy.  Can't recommend it highly enough.

Nothing to report other than the above, so now homeward bound.......

Yours sincerely, Liska Life :-)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Beauty in Flowers

The photo doesn't
require words - taken
in Ireland.

Beauty in flowers.

In the detail.

Shoe Diet

Been at work all day so nothing to report except an update on the Shoe Diet, from MBT which you simply must try.

I just entered in my shoe diet diary that I have been in my MBTs today for 18 hours and not only did it give me an A+ but it said the following:

You're doing a fantastic job of keeping your MBT Shoe Diet score low - you obviously care about your body's health and wellbeing.

Two days in and you're really going strong today. You may already be aware that women's bad shoe habits cause them to undergo nasty treatments: bunion removal, toe straightening, and even cosmetic surgery. Wearing a well balanced diet of shoes has so many benefits, it keeps your feet and the entire body healthy.

Anyway, they are obviously lovely motivating words to hear at the end of a long hard day. Bye for now. More news tomorrow.......

Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Shoe Diet and the last post of the day

Okay, so I have been a bit addicted to the laptop these last few days............. back to reality and work tomorrow. Oh the joy of Sunday nights and Monday mornings, and they seem to come round often, as those weeks fly by.

Well folks, last post of the day here, because if I don't post it now, it'll probably be another week before I do, and I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Do you want to find out how good your shoes are to you?
Are they there for fashion or function?
Do they give you beauty or bunions?

Well............... make up your own mind. Do your feet ache at the end of the day?

Play around with the Shoe Diet, and then you will know how to strike a balance
and maybe strike a pose toooooooooooooo :-)

Enjoy! Remember, you heard it here first :-)

Men and MBTs

My husband makes MBTs look cool.......... but he doesn't wear them on You Tube.

But here we are with Rich Roe, a great advert for MBTs.

Go on men you know you want to try them. All you metro-sexuals out there!

Strictly Come Dancing and Spirit and Destiny

I must say, I am delighted that Strictly Come Dancing is back. The sneak preview this evening was fab fab fab... First show next Saturday.

My favourite magazine at the moment is definitely Spirit & Destiny. The article on left right brain on page 49 of the October issue is VERY thought provoking. I have bought the magazine every month for years, but it never lets me down, and in fact seems to be getting better and better.

The article on left right brain was written by Jill Bolte Taylor, who had a life changing experience due to a ruptured blood vessel in her head. This cut off the use of her left brain. As my left brain is particularly noisey, I was obviously intrigued. I wish I had the patience to type the article here but maybe you can just go and buy the mag. It really goes to show that we can control our brains, and in turn our moods and our outlook, something yoga has been teaching me for years.

She has written a book, which I will be buying, "My Stroke of Insight" (£12.99 Hodder & Stoughton).

Visit for video clips.

Can't wait till X Factor goes to the live studio audience... but then I didn't watch it yesterday so maybe it already has.....?

I must go and do some housework :-)

30 Reasons to Walk

Just had to share this website with MBT lovers out there.

Post your reason to walk, download a walking map, vote for your favourite walking track, (or just listen to it on your computer there and then) ......... lots of things can be done on this great website.

Upload some fan footage of you, and why you love your MBTs.

Let's create an anti-shoe movement :-)

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Broadgate Circle - bin it to win it

Bin it to Win it

Opportunity to throw away anything that:

doesn't defend your back

doesn't improve your posture

and doesn't protect your knees and joints.

Let's be anti shoe.

Let's look after our bodies.

Let's create a MBT tribe.

Let's refuse to wear shoes that hurt our feet.

Let's live life


The theme: shoes hurt.

New MBTs: rock and roll.

Old shoes: are simply shoes.

New footwear: Anti-shoe.

Quite frankly if it is not anti-shoe it is not worth wearing. I want to hit the ground running - and how can I run, if my feet hurt.

Join the crusade.

Join the anti-shoe.