Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sneak Peak - MBT spring summer 2009

“MBT: The anti-shoe” presenta al Micam la nuova collezione Spring - Summer 2009!
So, click on the above and get a sneak peak on the new Spring Summer styles, for MBT's anti-shoe.

This is the year when MBTs will fly off the shelves, so when you see a style you like, grab it while it is available. Remember, they now do 2 ranges a year, so they don't sit there for long. Increasingly we are seeing styles that your discerning man will love, and more and more that can be worn with a skirt.

There is a difference in look and feel too, but you can click on the above link and work that one out for yourselves

Busy Week

This will be a busy week coming up, with the opportunity to get alot achieved.

It commences with some downtime, i.e. I am off to Champneys now... :-)

But just to one of their day spas for a few bits of pampering :-)

I slept through most of the X Factor last night, but back "on form" now.

This week will see me at Virgin Active every day. I am serious about getting weight down pre-Xmas.

Bye for now..... don't really have anything left to say. Keep reflecting though on Friday's yoga class. We did the Kriya to "prepare for deep meditation" and we then did the Gobide Mukande celestial communication meditation, which we did in a circle and everyone loved it. Came out of the class on a high, but very very mellow.

Byeeeeeeeee (again) Liska Life xx