Saturday, 20 September 2008

In Folkestone

Hello All,

I am now in Folkestone. Beer in one hand, chinese in the other :-)

Yes I know it doesn't meet with my wellbeing side of things, but everyone needs a Saturday night sometimes, especially after the stress of this week.

Anyway I am going to do a 40 day detox soon, along with a 40 day sadhana. Can't wait.
I am going to try and be brave and log my weight loss online, as I think doing it publicly will be the only thing that will motivate me to stick to it :-)

What else can I say; well, the weather was lovely today considering it is the 20th September, but where was that non-existent Summer of ours.

I guess, at least this year, I have been to Germany in February for my birthday, to Malta in June, to France for the Yoga Festival in July and hopefully somewhere in October for our anniversary.

Anyway, over and out, as I have been on this computer far too long.


Final thoughts of the day

Hello, I am very glad that it is the weekend - what a week!

Well I am off to Folkestone for the weekend, so looking forward to a well-deserved rest.

Only things I want to post on here today:
a mention of Meet Joe Black, as it is a great movie and just today, I said to our Bookkeeper, there is nothing as certain as "death and taxes" and it made me think fondly of the movie - must watch it again soon. Best thing ever is the song in there: "somewhere over the rainbow".........

Other thing I am loving at the moment, is Martin Lewis's advice.
Go to

His advice has helped me a few times.
To watch him speaking at the London School of Economics watch this:
Martin Lewis, Good Debt, Bad Debt