Saturday, 30 May 2009

I feel cleansed and decluttered

I want to focus on the blog posts that I do regularly read and benefit from, so I have had a bit of a "blogs I am following" cleanse and feel detoxed :-)

I really felt like the list of blogs I had to read was endless, so I have done a bit of weeding, to suit my personal taste.

Anyway, I guess it just replicates my day.  I had friends coming around at 2 (they arrived at 3.30 due to train problems)... anyway, in readiness for them coming, I got up at 7.30 to do housework and have a declutter.  It made me feel cleansed.  Then I made the 3 of us a delicious lunch (HEALTHY don't worry) but I did then make a chocolate cake.

Anyway, it is the first day of full on Summer weather here in the UK; it was simply a gorgeous day - warm, with a clear blue sky.

So I guess I have now decluttered my blog as well as the flat, and I feel all the better for it.

So for the bloggers who remain with me, I will be able to dedicate my focus to you, without being side-tracked.  Thank you for keeping me company in blog world, and helping to justify my recent purchase of  a laptop :-)

Bye for now (watching the final of Britain's Got Talent)
Liska xxx


Liska said...

I took away another 3-4 today and feel all the better for it. I do read all of the ones left with me x

skinny latte said...

Thank you for leaving me on there :D xx