Monday, 25 May 2009

New Laptop and Wii Active

Sorry I have been away for so long but I have been without a laptop so I bought one today and am on it now - very happy with it.  It is after midnight but it is Sunday (well... I haven't been to bed yet).  On Saturday, which I am classing as yesterday, I bought the new Wii Active and it is absolutely super.  Great 30 day challenge on there and some brilliant personal trainer style posture work like squats etc... Comes with a Physio Type resistance band, which really works.  Was on it for 30 minutes yesterday and it really brought me out in a full on sweat.
If you love Wii, please try it, you won't regret it.  I wanted to do the 30 day challenge as an every day thing but didn't get chance today.
Must go to bed in a minute so bye for now.
Liska x


Belinda said...

Hey your back!!!!!!!! YEAH. Good to see or read you again. Missed ya.

Heather said...

glad you are back! yes, I ordered my Wii Active and I believe it is arriving tomorrow. Im glad to get a review from you though so I know that its as good as Im expecting. I am so excited!

Liska said...

It's lovely to be back - thanks guys. I got spare work laptop back on 1st May and that weekend I did not get chance to use it. Then work needed it back on 6th May for a new starter starting on 7th May, and there won't be a spare again till 10th June..... so I bit the bullet and bought a laptop. Sales Assistant convinced me to buy an Apple, so I am loving it. xx

v_torcato said...

Glad you're enjoying your new laptop - even though it was a more expensive version to the one I suggested but I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it and turn it into value for money. Enjoy it - you deserve a treat and I know how much enjoyment you will get from it.