Friday, 29 May 2009

Modern versus history

This photo was taken by me on 17th February 2008 when I was in Newcastle.

It struck me that we have modern on the ground floor, and history above.

Look at how far we have come, or rather how backward we have become.

From the beautiful stained glass windows, you can see what the store used to be, and clearly in not removing that piece of history, someone else clearly likes it as much as I do.  Click on the image and make it full size and you will be able to see what the store used to sell.

But we seem to have turned into a plastic fantastic world.  We rave about recycling when all of our pop is in plastic bottles.  When I was little I didn't even know what recycling was, but all my pop was in glass bottles, which I could get money for returning.  My toaster was fixed rather than replaced, and my shoes were repaired rather than binned.

Anyway, look at my photo and see if it speaks to you, the way it spoke to me.  I wasn't even looking at the shops, and I definitely wasn't looking up at 1st floors, but it somehow grabbed me.  Maybe there was a story there, just waiting for the story-teller and the camera!

Sorry I know this is meant to be a weight loss blog but we all need a little light relief.  I could do with being "lighter".............

Since my New Year Resolution I have gained half a stone (yes my weight loss ticker is out of date).

I am now 13 stone and 13 pounds, which the scales tells me is 88.4 kg, so I am back to 88 (which in BINGO they say is "two fat ladies" - how very appropriate!)

I have been here before........ and if you click there, you will see it was 20th October 2008! yes, 2008................ I have put the weight ON and turned the clock BACK.

I really really really have to start sorting my life out......... (so I got back onto the subject of weight loss after all........... but alas, it is pontificating about it, rather than doing something about it!)

Liska Life off to bed.......... zzzzzzz. ...........xxxxxxx

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Amanda KP said...

what a gorgeous...and a bit!! i, too, love historical buildings and am amazed at the attention to detail that went into them! thanks for sharing!!