Sunday, 4 January 2009

Book on the way - The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

The Amazing Adventures Of Dietgirl

For anyone in the UK, who has had the same trouble I have had getting hold of it, (out of stock in and Waterstones branches)...

I have just managed to order it from:

They do have it in stock, and I have just successfully received my order confirmation.

I will write a review on here once it arrives, and once I have read it.

I already know it'll be a good read:
  1. The author even has read in her name, albeit spelled Reid
  2. The title has the word "Amazing" in it... now that has to be a good omen.
  3. You just can't hear enough good things about this book on Shauna's blog. If you want to have a read before you buy the book, there's lots of great stuff on the blog and a whole network of people, like a community, regularly commenting on there. Makes weight loss sooooooo much easier when I can feel there are other people up to the same thing.
I can't "weight" to add my photo to the gallery of readers once my book arrives and I put my feet up to read it.

Liska Life x

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