Sunday, 4 January 2009

Santa's Army

Well, I already know that my problem will be self-discipline, when this detox commences on Monday 5th January. So it kept going round in my head, whose army will keep me on track, then tonight we were taking down "some" of the Xmas decorations, to take some of the pressure off tomorrow, and I noticed that I have 4 santas, so I put them all together posing behind our window lights to illuminate them, and now this is the army that'll keep me on track.

I will have nightmares :-) about an Amry of Santas chasing the fat Santa, so fast and so hard, that she RUNS, until she becomes that slim Santa from 2004 (see earlier posts to know what I mean)... Hee hee.

Cute image and it is not from Google like so many of the others - this one I took myself with a BlackBerry.

Bye for today, Liska Life x

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