Saturday, 3 January 2009

Detox 2009 - the format

Dear all, I have decided that I need a consistent way of tracking my progress. Plus it keeps me on the straight and narrow if I have to be public every day.

So I have done the format below that will be a daily feature on my blog.

Plus it means I can at least put something on, on busy days when I don't have time to write. Last day at work was 23rd December and first day back is 5th January. I know full well I may not blog every day once back in the full flow of work, so like my new commitment to weight loss, I will have to commit to completing the below, like a daily journal.

I know I sleep better when I give up coffee so I am looking forward to that. In readiness, I bought Barley Cup in Holland & Barrett today.

Exercise today:
Meals today:
Weight today:
Gratitude journal:
Fit Bug steps (in MBTs):
Learning point:
Confirmation of nil consumption of latte or cappuccino

So, the format above goes live as of Monday, 5th January 2009.

Bye for now.

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