Friday, 21 November 2008

Portugal - Faro

Hee Hee
I booked last night to go to Faro on a taxes only cheap Ryan Air flight.
Part of deals they are doing now if one travels Dec 08 or Jan 09.
Going over to see old colleague and his wife and 2 gorgeous girls, for 5 days.
Will go on 17th Jan returning on 22nd Jan.

ONLY trouble is that they have a dog and I am scared of dogs, so I have to meditate on this photo that they emailed me, until I can get used to him. Then maybe have some hypnotherapy :-)

I'll be fine.........


Anonymous said...

You'll be fine... As long as you remember that no matter how much she jumps up your legs when you first see her, it's all excitement - Holly wouldn't harm a fly...

Liska said...

Didn't see this comment till today would you believe.
I really have to adjust my settings :-)