Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Fat around my middle!

I went to a nutrition talk tonight. It was at Aegis Training. The speaker was Graeme Marsh. I took it all onboard and will try to make some changes to my diet.

My main take home message was that since I have been stressed I have been putting weight on around the middle. The whole cortisol situation. The problems then that follow with insulin resistance, etc... The link to lots of sugar and lots of carbs! I am an open book and tick all the boxes.

Anyway, Graeme's talk was super and inspired me to do further research this evening on the laptop, and I came across this piece. Click here to read.

Tells me all I needed to know, and in a lot of detail. Now I really know exactly WHAT I need to do next, so again for the millionth time, let me say, watch this space......... :-)

Hopefully I can finally shift some pounds.

Btw, I have not been swimming in weeks. Too busy being stressed. Working too hard and producing further fat around the middle :-)

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