Monday, 10 November 2008

Amali - the choice of MBT for the female in black trousers

This is definitely my favourite MBT at the moment. The Amali. The leather is so soft that I did not even have to break them in. I have worn them everyday since Tuesday 4th November. They are not too narrow, not too broad = just perfect.

They are a real update on the previous black leather MBT (the Shadow). I am entirely happy with them.

They are lovely with a pair of black trousers. And so perfect for zooming around London's city streets.

Not so great with jeans, but then why stop at one pair.

I am absolutely delighted to read the reviews on Zappos, and find that people out there agree with me on how good the Amali is.

Definitely my most comfortable MBT, and the leather is soooo soft... I did not even have to break them in. Wore them all day from day 01, and someone on Zappos says she wore them for 2 x 10 hour days.

Bye again. x

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