Thursday, 8 January 2009

Wednesday 7th January 2009

The Daily Declaration

Exercise today:
None I am afraid


Meals today:
Porridge, take away, from a cafe near work again. (I know, I must start getting up early enough to make it at home).
Lunch (okay this WAS naughty). Me, our Bookkeeper and our Credit Controller went on a kind of team lunch, to celebrate something and we ended up in Wagamamas. BUT I had the vegetarian Katsu curry, and a raw juice (includes carrot juice etc...). So it wasn't the unhealthiest of lunches.
Then I promised hubby I would come straight home to have a lovely evening together, now that we have the flat to ourselves again. He has had Wednesday, since he was little as "chips day". His Mum's idea. SO he arrived home with chicken and chips for me and I ate it............
So I think I can safely say I am starting this detox properly next week.

It is funny, I have STUCK to the no lattes, just because of that picture I did on the blog of "my last latte" so between now and next Monday I need to publicly list on here what I am not allowed, so I feel some accountability to stick to it. Years ago, I was soooooooooo good at detoxing. One of the reasons I have put on so much weight, is because I haven't done a proper detox since Summer 2006.

Weight today:
Didn't weigh.

Gratitude journal:
The lovely lunch we had at Wagamamas. I am grateful for some wonderful colleagues :-)

Fit Bug steps (in MBTs):
I go everywhere in my MBTs but still haven't sorted out the Fit Bug.

Learning point:
That I will be up and running next week and that this week is a dry run.

Confirmation of nil consumption of latte or cappuccino:
With great delight I can confirm that I have stuck to this every day.

Byeee, Liska Life x

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