Thursday, 8 January 2009

Maintenance and weight loss

Diet Girl continues to be an inspiration and now about maintenance. I have lost alot of weight on 2 ocassions, so maintenance is important, as it would have avoided my need to lose weight once again.

This time... once I lose it, I must keep it off :-)

Liska Life


nycenoelle said...

paismThank you for the recomondation for the Yoga video! If you want to paste things on the sidebar of you're blog you copy the HTML code.. Go into customize you're blog. Pick copy HTML code paste and save. Let me know if you don't understand. Noelle

Liska said...

Hi Noelle, I have spent the last 30 mins trying but still can't do it. Keeps saying there's an error

Liska said...

OMG I have just noticed it is on my sidebar. It worked after all.
How exciting. Thank you.
Until I got your comment above I had been trying to add it as a gadget which kept failing, but following your advice (adding it as html) seems to have worked. Thanks so so much