Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tuesday 06th January 2009

The Daily Declaration.

Exercise today:
Walking to and from station on way to and from work. That's a total of 34 minutes walking, and in MBTs.
But the highlight is that Catherine and I went to AQUA AEROBICS in our lunch break. It was truly awesome and amazing. A 45 minute session in Virgin Active. We expected the regular aqua aerobics like I did in Malta, but this was full on. Our arms hurt, our bingo wings hurt, our legs hurt, tummy muscles hurt, AND we were out of breath. This was hardcore and I am aching today, which means tomorrow I will be more sore........ but we LOVED it, and aim to go again. It is so so so good and the instructor uses load of props including these foam dumbells that look like liquorice allsorts which is not good when you are trying to take your mind off food :-)

Again none :-(

Meals today:
I had a scone before I left the house - there was one left that my Mum did not eat - oooops.
I add the following sentence on 8th Jan: I have just remembered that when I got to work I bout hot Granola (with soya milk) from Pret a Manger.

Due to doing aqua aerobics in my lunch break, I did not have lunch. Lack of prep meant I did not have lunch with me (ooops). So at 4.40 I could not take it anymore and was so hungry I had to dash out to Pret a Manger. The only thing that had kept me going till then was a yoghurt from a colleague and a satsuma from another colleague - thanks mates. At Pret I was supposed to get a salad but hunger meant I fell off the wagon and got a swedish meatballs wrap. I knew I was so hungry it would not fill me up, so I also got popcorn. Now this was funny. I wanted crisps but thought NO! I am meant to be on a detox, so I told myself popcorn is healthier. I looked at the sweet one and thought sugar is more deadly than salt, so got the salt flavoured one and fair play to Pret it did not taste greasy at all so I would think it is very low in calories.

Then I met my husband and friend from University at 8.15 p.m. that night and we ended up in Momos (London, just off Regent Street). I always drink alot with that friend so I thought THIS is the true test. I could not find alcohol free cocktails on the menu, so tentatively asked the waitress. Yes, we do Virgin cocktails she said, and I was delighted. I had 2 and can't remember what they were called, but they looked as green as a Mohito, but weren't limey like that. Truly delicious and it meant I didn't look like the odd one out drinking water, orange juice or coke. BUT we had mezze, and it included little sausages and pitta bread, but I made sure I ordered falafel also. Anyway, I am normally hardcore when I am on a detox, but I have not done a decent one since 2006 and it SHOWS. I do not eat meat when on detoxes, so I am clearly not in the zone yet.......... Preparation is the key and I think that's been what has been lacking..... so I have to get rubbish out of my cupboards and get some good things IN.

Weight today: N/A as did not get near a scales.

Gratitude journal: Thankful for the aqua aerobics and Catherine's HUGE smile every time I looked over at her. We had so much fun. Oh and the instructor was thoughtful, helpful, fun and fab.

Fit Bug steps (in MBTs):
STILL haven't charged the FitBug yet - sorry.

Learning point:
That I clearly needed to build into this. Which is VERY ironic, given that I bought Holland & Barret's magazine Healthy on Saturday, and there was a bit about spending 2 weeks gradually giving up things in the build up to a full detox. I read it with arrogance and thought that's not me. I will start on Monday 5th Jan full steam ahead.......... hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm life is NOT always THAT straight forward :-)

To those reading, good luck. If you have found me, you are probably on the same journey.

Liska Life xxxxxx

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