Thursday, 8 January 2009

Today, Thursday 8th January 2009

Exercise today:
Nia class. WOW it was truly amazing. I have blogged in the past about my experience of the workshop at the Yoga Show. Even though that was months ago, I today kept my promise to myself to find a class and try a class. I booked it in my diary before Xmas, and invited some colleagues. I told them I would shout them to the class as their Xmas present (I didn't do much Xmas shopping this year). Anyway, we went tonight and it was SUCH good exercise. Really gentle (i.e. you don't jump up and down like 1980s aerobics) but wow, you use those deep muscles, and you use your core muscles, and you feel so graceful and so feminine, you don't even realise you are working so hard. And the movements are so mindful, you concentrate so hard, that you feel like you are in a meditation, and breathing correctly feels more important than looking at a colleague. I think it was 20 mins into the class before I looked over at anyone.


Meals today:
Breakfast again was Hot Granola from Pret a Manger.
Lunch was at Boots (for those not in UK, it is a chemist), where I got a browm bread sandwich with tofu, rocket etc... in it plus a small packet of vegetarian sushi.
After Nia one of my colleagues wanted to chat about something so we went to a Tapas bar. I ordered tapas and a pineapple juice, as the one thing I really have stuck to this week is no alcohol, as well as no coffee. THEN her sangria arrived and I have never seen anything like it. The minute I saw it I said I am having one of those. So as I knew I had so many deviations this week (even today, sandwich! I don't eat bread when on a true detox), I ordered the Sangria and enjoyed every delicious mouthful.
I was just posting this post and remembered, on the way to Nia, my 3 colleagues wanted to stop at a sweetshop and I got a bar of chocolate. I ate it and it gave me a headrush - NOT a nice feeling at all. That told me 2 things. (1) it will be easier to resist the next temptation of chocolate as I now (in NLP style) associate it with a BAD memory (good) and (2) it means my body is already a little cleaner as it is only when I am detoxing that chocolate gives me a headrush. That's probably the benefit of a few days without caffeine.

Weight today:
Didn't weight

Gratitude journal:
For the Nia. Was special and great exercise,

Fit Bug steps (in MBTs):
Lots of MBT steps but the Fit Bug still not set up.

Learning point:
That I will not beat myself up for doing this half and half this week. I will get there. I know I will.

Confirmation of nil consumption of latte or cappuccino:
Proudly I can confirm this. And feel better for it too. I actually feel tired when I should as I am NOT wired on caffeine.

Liska Life x

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