Friday, 12 December 2008

Qype: MBT Concept Store in London

Having been in Harrods since 2005, MBT has now opened a Concept Store (concession) on the 5th floor, which now brings the full range of MBT physiological footwear to Knightsbridge. So if you often have trouble finding the anti-shoe of your choice you now know where to go. MBT experts will be on hand to serve you, and fit you in the style of your choice. Don't miss out on that Introsession which will give you all those valuable walking tips.
Check out my review of MBT Concept Store - I am SatKirtanKaur - on Qype


torcato said...

The concept store looks good - feels good when you see it happen, doesn't it? I will never forget the feeling when I saw the MBT Lisbon shop on the opening day and just kept thinking - "I did this!" The last time I felt that was when I opened my own business in Essex all those years ago - I only wish it had all worked out but it helped me cos when it came to opening the MBT shop in Portugal, I kinda knew what I was doing... Well done for achieving this though - I know how proud you must be feeling... First of many I hope and you never know, an actual MBT shop may follow one day soon...

Liska said...

Oh gosh, I can't take any credit. I only did all the recruitment for staff. The full credit must go to Drew and to Zoe H, as they worked extremely hard over a period of months. What you wrote above was quite special. Cheers Vic.