Saturday, 13 December 2008

Alexandra is the winner

Alexandra just sang Hallelujah again after she was announced the winner and it was so full of emotion it was simply beautiful.

Well done Alexandra. You have been my favourite to win for quite a few weeks now.


torcato said...

Alexandra was definitely the best and deserved to win. The only other decent one was Diana. I was really happy for Alexandra and she is so full of talent - she will be a success and although she sang Hallelujah well and with a lot of soul, I am not a big fan of the song so will not be buying it. Maybe her next single will be better. Her duet with Beyonce however - Wow - That was fantastic. She sang it well a couple of weeks ago but tonight, it was amazing. I thought of checking your blog cos somehow, I knew you would have posted a blog on this subject already...

Liska said...

Hi Vic

I have only just noticed your comments.
I must change my settings so that it notifies me when I get them.

I bought Hallelujah cheap (in Woolworths). I must admit I prefer the Jeff Buckley version which you can listen to in You Tube.

RE: Alexandra, my favourite week by far was the week she did "Candy Man". They must have seen all the You Tube views of it (Anna Moklak watched in 3 times in one day once :-) ) as they decided to put it on the single. There's 3 songs on the single so not bad value for money, especially given that Woolies were selling it half price.

Thanks for your comment and can't wait to see you, Emma and the girls in January.