Saturday, 27 December 2008

Xmas in Folkstone - 2008

This year Xmas was in Folkstone by the beach. Drove up there with Mum and hubby on Xmas morning.

Dinner was in the Metropole with Robert and family. Stayed one night in the Burlington.

Boxing day walked down to the beach, from the hotel with Mum, which was like being in a dream. To get from the hotel to the beach you have to go down quite a few steps which is fun and picturesque on the way down, but bloody good exercise on the way back up...

Then before going home, we strolled around Dover College (check out the photo of Mum outside the Headmaster's office - I thought that was quite appropriate given that Mum went to boarding school in Ireland and was always naughty while there).

We also walked around the White Cliffs of Dover. I will have to get those photos from Rob. Walking along the cliff edge was quite scary and windy but there were lots and lots of walkers there doing the same. With dogs and buggies. Mum and I had the added instability underfoot of MBTs :-)

Xmas by the beach was beautiful. Good healthy sea air, and amazing food & drink.
Thanks Rob.

Today I am having a day in PJs to relax after such a busy week. Mum watched "On Golden Pond" today and now she is watching "The Graduate".


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