Tuesday, 11 August 2009

OLD..........Fit on the inside& fat on the outside


Some funny funny stories from late............. today my boss said she'd heard that from all the circuit training I was fitter, and she was perplexed as she said she couldn't tell....

So I went on to say, "well, I used to hold the railing on the flights of stairs up to the office, and now I can run up them", to which she said, "Oh, you must be fit on the inside and fat on the outside"............

I laughed and laughed and laughed as it was so funny the way she said it. I ran to tell a few people in the office, none of who could understand why I wasn't offended. But it was just SO funny I couldn't be.

While in France I asked a girl at the festival how old I look and was VERY disappointed when she said 37, so all the signs are there, that I need to change things.

Anyway, I finally have a photo from the wedding I can share, as the ones I previously shared (of the black dress) were from the DAY AFTER the wedding........... So now I share a photo from the wedding in Ireland 17th July 2009.

The shoulder bit is not part of the dress. It is a 2 tone scarf that just happened to match exactly, that I practically glued to my shoulders to cover my chubby upper arms.

It is not the most flattering of photos, but good enough to share :-)

Bye for now folks. Hope you are all well :-)

Liska Life



Belinda said...

awwwww, my Liska is back, I think you look great in the picture myself. but I was not laughing at her comment either.....It is true you do get fit from the inside out so keep it up. I have so missed chatting with you.

Holly L. said...

Hi Liska! Sorry for the random fly by night blog posting. Something weird must have happened to my reader as I had never read the post before (at least not that I can remember). I total thought I was catching up on the most recent post! My humble apologies

You look beautiful in your dress. Nice work with the shoulder wrap too! Really looks like part of the dress. I was a little taken aback by your coworker comments, but I suppose if you didn't take offense, there's no reason for me to either? Onward and upward in the health realm right?

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Oh what a random, insert foot in mouth statement from your boss!

Love the picture, you are beautiful!

Chubby Chick said...

I think you look absolutely fabulous in that picture! You are beautiful... and you do NOT look "old!" :)

Susan said...

I agree, you look lovely. Those colors are my favorite and the shawl looks like it was custom made to match the dress. I'm glad you thought the comment was funny, cause I'm sure I would have gotten huffy. I grew up hearing "what a shame, because she's got such a pretty face". Yikes, people! Think before you speak.

Heather said...

you definitely do not look 37! and I think you look great. some people only measure weight loss and health by how someone looks and not what they can do. Im sure thats what she was getting at, but still, I would have been a little taken aback by the comment! im glad you can brush it aside because you have worked hard and should enjoy feeling proud of yourself.

Liska said...

all my favourite bloggers posted a comment.



Liska said...

Spoke tooooooo soon. Just realised that Skinny Latte is not there.


skinny latte said...

I'm here now! :P Better late than never! ha ha

I'd be so upset if someone said that to me - but I guess she was trying to say in a roundabout way that someone's stamina and endurance and strength aren't always obvious by the way they look.

Good on you for not taking it to heart, because you've been doing so well and should be really proud of yourself.

The photo is gorgeous - I love the dress, great colour on you.


FatCat said...

pretty dress wish i looked that good in one. thanks for the comments on my blog. i havent posted for a few months but am up and running now.