Sunday, 16 August 2009

Time Traveller's Wife


Went to see this movie with my husband last night because I read the book years ago, and LOVED it. Anyway, in the UK it came out on 14th August.

I loved the movie so so so much. It is the first time a film has done a book justice. Made me cry so many times.

I had not seen the trailer before I saw the movie. Just watched it on You Tube now and it RUINS a couple of the things that kept me on the edge of my seat so DO NOT WATCH IT.

I am going to Poland today. Then that'll be all my annual leave gone until January 2010.

Week in Portugal in January. Week in Ireland for the wedding. Week in France for Yoga Festival and now week in Poland.

The first 3 were not with hubby, so this is us on holiday, and he wanted to go to Krakow. Couldn't help that these 3 weeks are close to each other, but wedding and festival are pretty fixed dates :-) and this was the week hubby has off.

Anyway, not sure if I will blog from there so thought I would jump on even though I am meant to be packing.

Bye for now girls. Big hug,

Liska xxx


Chubby Chick said...

Psst! Stop by my blog later today for an award! :)

Heather said...

thanks for reviewing it - this is my FAVORITE book ever, and I was thinking that there was no way the movie could be as good and that I would be disapointed, but Im glad that its better than I thought it would be!

Liska said...

Made me cry quite a few times so bring a tissue, but maybe it's just me as it resonated with me on so many levels. Been with hubby for 21 years and desperate for a baby like the lady and my heart was big to breaking when she was in the bath with her big huge baby bump. xx

skinny latte said...

That's really interesting, as I'd read some terrible reviews of it and had sort of decided not to go and see it as I loved the book and hate it so much when Hollywood gets it wrong....but maybe I'll change my mind after reading this :) Enjoy Krakow! x

Susan said...

Thanks for the review. I'm more of a zombie and alien kind of chick, and I'm not familiar with the book, so I'm not sure if we will see this one. I did see District 9 and loved it. Enjoy your last holiday of the year. Susan

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

oh I JUST got this book in the mail yesterday! I can't wait to read it and then go see it in the theater!