Sunday, 21 June 2009

When things don't make sense, it is because... they don't!


I ended up working on Saturday morning (we had a consumer focus group with 10 of our customers). There was 1 lady throughout the session drinking from a water bottle, the contents of which were green. I went up to her at the end and said are you drinking Super Greens, to which she said yes (as there are a few brands I wasn't sure what the answer would be). Anyway, she said do you drink it. I felt shamed into saying no (I am never this size when I do). Of course she said if you know it helps you keep slimmer why don't you drink it. I said oh it is because I get up rush to work, work, and then rush home and I just don't stop and make it and drink it. She said well, if you had a tub at home and a tub at work that would soon solve that problem. Imagine her shock when I said I DO HAVE one at home and one at work. She was like, I don't want to be unkind.... but I don't understand..... She really looked perplexed....

It is so silly, when I am not drinking it, I crave rubbish food and when I am drinking it, I crave water, veg and salads. Anyway she was very slim and radiant looking and I currently am neither.

It just really struck me, that I felt totally comfortable with explaining how I don't have time to stop and think and prepare it and drink it, but when you say it OUT LOUD it sounds like complete an utter nonsense!!!!!!!! If I have time to blog..... I should have time to sort my life out toooooo (as my boss was quick to point out)........ So after I write this post, I am going to go and have a glass of Super Greens.

If you want to know more about that way of eating (which when I do it, does work) read this e-book.

Oh and then after the Customer Focus Group I had to go to a Baby Shower. We were in the garden it was such a lovely day (apart from one half hour where we temporarily went in when it rained)......

At one point, Zoe made us give a word for each of us (those of us that were colleagues).

I wrote down the words my colleagues gave me as I thought they were interesting (more self-exploration for me).
  • Zoe said I am: generous
  • Banasa said I am an open book (and that she always knows where she stands with me)
  • Taniesha said I am childlike (not sure how to take that one, but I can be very naive)
  • Anna said "loopy unique" (she elaborated by saying "down to earth and intelligent but yet somehow loopy") I'll take that one Anna (it was her baby shower) xxx
So, that's all for now, as I have to go and have my glass of greens, finally start being alkaline and make me and my wonderful husband a healthy lunch.

Those who have been reading my blog for quite some time will remember that I spent a few days being alkaline in January (before I went to Portugal) and I lost a few pounds immediately. Even though that was 6 months ago I have not done it since (yes I am my own worst enemy).

Liska xxxxx


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Sometimes we fool ourself into really believing our excuses, these excuses why we can't be healthy. No time is the hardest excuse I give myself, because there is ALWAYS time! I just choose to believe there isn't! Good for you for marching your butt right upstairs and making a drink!

priorfatgirl's mom said...

Hi Liska,
Yep, you are right about the stone question I had on priorfatgirl. I had asked a few people last week and got different answers about this.I knew I could look the answer up but thought it would be fun to find out from priorfatgirls blog.So I learned something and had great fun looking at others blogs.I love to look at those before and after photos of everyones hard work.

Now for that green drink...I'll have to try that out. Jen is coming to my house today so will have to ask her about it.

Heather said...

I think it does help sometimes to really hear ourselves when we talk with others because it can be eye opening. its so easy to make excuses to ourselves, but not as much to others. although I have to say, I dont like when people make others feel as if what they are doing is the best thing and theres no reason not to be doing it. Everyone is different and different things work for them.

HollyALP said...

Hi Liska,
I read part of your e book and was quite intrigued. I don't think I've ever heard about eating to maintain a particular pH. Good for you for setting your eyes on a plan that really works for you. I'm working to stay on track myself, but hopefully we can support each other! Do post an update soon. I can't wait to hear how you're doing. Best, Holly

v_torcato said...

Well Liska, you did really well today - you drank your greens and ate very healthily - with a bit of a nudge ;-) so pat yourself on the back. Tomorrow is healthy eating day no.2...