Monday, 22 June 2009

Healthy Day

Recap on today.

I got a cappuccino from the coffee trailer on my train platform - yes I haven't 100% cut back yet, but have drastically reduced - once the £60, and then £80 a month for circuits starts I will be 100% off coffee (I am even going to try from tomorrow).

On way to work I bought a large fruit salad, so that was my first food consumption of the day.

At lunch time (12:30) Victor kept his promise (from his comment on my blog) and took me to Tesco (he had read my blog post "an interview with myself" and could see 11 and 3 were my difficult times).

At Tescos I bought celery, carrots, humus, a bag of spinach & rocket, a tub of coleslaw, a lovely ripe avocado, a red sweet pepper, and my colleague gave me a pita bread to have with it. I also bought a bag of mixed nuts.

So I mixed all of that on a plate and it totally satisfied me.

At the 3 p.m. that normally stumps me, I had 2 stalks of celery with humus. I also had a handful of nuts.

Oh, when I got in, there was salad in the fridge left over from the big huge bowl of salad I made for me and husband yesterday. So I made cous cous (which is a fab trick as it takes 5 minutes). I mixed the salad and cous cous and it was so delicious.

As I have had NO BLACK TEA all day (only caffeine was the coffee on way to work) I had a mug of yogi tea tonight. As a result I feel lovely and sleepy so I think I will have a lovely early night.

Sorry above is quite a boring post, but I wanted to proudly type up that I have stuck to things for a day.

Liska x


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

WOOT WOOT, congrats on a healthy day! Hopefully you feel great and are satisfied!

Susan said...

Sounds like you had a good day. I love the raw veggies. Do you use any salad dressing/cream? Just wondering. That's where I can undo the good that the veggies do. Have a great night! Susan

metro15 said...

Way to go, that sounds like a great day! And recognising your danger times is one of the first steps to beating them. :)

Liska said...

Two things I forgot to mention in the post:
1) I had about 4 cups of peppermint tea during the course of the morning and
2) I resisted temptation for a chocolate swiss roll that was on the filing cabinet all morning, and Zoe gave me a chocolate biscuit in the afternoon and would you believe it, I turned it down (was so so so proud of myself)

Liska x