Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nutrition Knowledge and Weight


Just logged on to share this article with you.

It is about how the:
lack of basic nutrition knowledge contributes to overweight and obesity.

I particularly like this paragraph:
Perhaps the answer lies in allowing everyone the right to choose their path, be it the ride down the river of denial or the jogging track to health. We should respect their reasons, be they right or wrong. Maybe we all need to pay attention to our own journey, and wish our fellow travelers well no matter what their chosen road. We can never know all the reasons someone else stumbles or fails. We can only offer compassion, and our hand to help, if they ask.

Liska x

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Bulge to Bump said...

Good article! It's true that everyone's journey is different. I know that I has no idea about exercise and nutrition for the first 25 years of my life. I weighed 260lbs and was in denial. A friend told me about weight watchers and it changed my life. I'm still learning though, that's why I think it's great that we have blogs where we can share things!
Thanks for your comments. The run was great this morning. I'm planning on going again tomorrow!