Friday, 5 June 2009

INNOCENT - chocolate muffin

Well Victor has now started the chocolate muffin debate, so I feel the need to defend myself. (See his comment on yesterday's post!).

So let's be like the press and call it "Muffin-gate!"

Carrie, from Finance, left an innocent muffin on my desk this morning.  Her way of saying, you may not sit with Finance anymore, but we still remember you (4 of us used to snack and drink tea together down there).  If you read about my desk move you will understand my nostalgia.....

So, I had already started the morning with healthy porridge with organic milk followed by (an hour or two later) a bowl of salad (mozzarella, basil, and cherry tomatoes) and a banana.

So it took me a while to notice the muffin's absence as I was not hungry.  Then, somehow I noticed and said "who stole my muffin" - I wasn't hungry but was perplexed as to its whereabouts.  I was convinced my MD ate it as she has a sweet tooth and is the "food police".  So I challenged her, and at first she denied all knowledge and then begrudgingly said: "if you are that desperate it is under the franking machine on the posting scales".  That belittled me sufficiently, that when I found it, I put it on HER desk - again relying on her sweet tooth (even though she is a fitness fanatic and a healthy eater).  Anyway, Victor saved the day and said OKAY I will eat it.

Unfortunately, during the minutes when I thought it was AWOL, I sent an email to the girl who gave it to me, and Cc:d my boss saying "My MD stole my muffin".  The girl who gave it to me responded by putting another on my desk.  She thought it would get one over on my boss for stealing it.

Then Victor thought what was the point in me taking it, if you are going to eat that one, so YES he did try to snatch it off me, and yes, I did wrestle him for it, but I thought it is not fair on Carrie, if she gives me TWO and I eat neither of them.

Anyway, the good thing is, I got the same foggy funny (sugar rush) feeling in my head that I got yesterday, when I ate the biscuits AND what Victor did not say, is that I once again had soup for lunch.



2 on the vine tomatoes.
1 stalk of celery
2 carrots
tablespoon of bouillon
1/4 bag of rocket
4 leaves of basil
1 spring onion
half a red pepper
a dash of tabasco
(I don't think I have forgotten anything).

So I am being much healthier than normal.

From Monday I will be no meat, no dairy and no wheat/yeast.

Victor and I exchanged some texts tonight about his mean blog comment and he has now said he will donate £10 to cancer research if I stick to my goal of a stone by the Ireland wedding.

He knows I am good at sticking to things if I am challenged or dared, so I said, he has laid down the gauntlet and I will accept the challenge.  

In my old job, people saw me drinking super greens EVERY day and regularly sticking to detoxes, yet in this job, people don't know I can stick to a detox.  I just need to prove them wrong and Victor knows that challenging me on that level is the one thing that might entice me to stick to it.

If it works... fair play to him......... Let the loss of a stone commence   :-)

Liska xxx

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